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'Old School Pinup' T-Shirt (Black)

'Old School Pinup' T-Shirt (Navy)

'Quick Draw' T-Shirt (Black)

'Quick Draw' T-Shirt (Olive Green)

'Winged Pin-up' T-Shirt (Black)

'Top Hat Skull' T-Shirt (Black)

'Skull & Flames' T-Shirt (Black)

'Winged Wheel' T-Shirt (Black)

'Kustom Kulture' T-Shirt (Black)

'Winged Airbrush' T-Shirt (Black)

'Sword & Shield' T-Shirt (Black)


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Sale ends midnight of Friday, July, 10, 2015

Airbrush Getaway Workshops:
Learn How To Airbrush!

October 5 - 9, 2015 in Las Vegas

Visit AirbrushGetaway.com or Click Here to Register

Learn airbrushing hands-on from the masters at the Airbrush Getaway workshops. Register today:  Orlando, May 4 - 8, 2015
Visit AirbrushGetaway.com  
or Call 1.800.232.8998

Airbrush Action Magazine's July - August 2015 Issue is now available -- Print and Digital Edition!

AIrbrush Action Diamond Collection: All Issues from 1985-2013

Now Available!  Plotter Mastery DVD

You won't believe what a plotter can do!

Plotter Mastery reveals how to integrate plotters and art to substantially reduce your workload, improve your efficiency, create effects unachievable by other methods, and generate much more money in the process! This must-see, groundbreaking presentation is for artists of all skill levels and applications!
Experienced users: Learn how to get the most out of your plotter.
Beginners: Learn how to master and integrate a plotter into your workflow.

Now Available! Creating Killer Zombies DVD

With zombies trending stronger than ever, this is a must-have step-by-step presentation on how to render the undead using the most cutting-edge art and airbrush techniques, including how to achieve amazing color combinations, photoreal textures, and tons more. “There are the campy, skeletal-clumsy zombies, the brightly colored, comic-book-inspired zombies, even the modern, overly-realistic, and fast-moving zombies. What this means for artists who have a thing for monster/horror imagery, like me,” explains Worthington, “is an endless flood of possibilities to draw upon for inspiration. In this DVD, I share my approach to zombies, how I select colors, and what keeps me moving forward artistically.”

Javier Soto's Power Portraits 2-Disc DVD Set available now!

Power Portraits, the long-awaited DVD from master portrait painter Javier Soto, includes step-by-step instruction on color theory, how to render facial features, flesh tones, troubleshooting problems such as paint settling, hot spots, blowouts, tip dry, pigment migration, puddling, and spidering, how to use an electric eraser, fiber pen, and razor knife for highlighting and detailing, how to render skin pores, the nuances of painting teeth and hair, working with cool and warm colors, how to evaluate the progress of your painting, use of the Artograph LED digital projector, use of Wicked Colors, and much more.

New DVD Now Available! Gary Worthington’s Top 30 T-Shirt Name Designs

In this intensive 3-hour instructional presentation, Gary Worthington, one of the world's best T-shirt artists, reveals step-by-step how to render his top 30 top-selling T-shirt designs for bigger profits and success. You'll learn... [read more]

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old school pinup quick draw shirt winged pinup top hat skull skull and flames winged wheel kustom kulture winged airbrush sword n shield july 4 sale july 4- sale

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