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FREE ONLINE VIDEO Coming Soon From Airbrush.TV!!

Now in post-production, Javier Soto's Skull & Flames video will be offered FREE through Airbrush Action Magazine's, http://www.Airbrush.TV/,, and Youtube. In this demonstration, Mr. Soto shows how he converted a boring, poorly rendered image into a stunning painting. Stay tuned for the release date. In the meantime, tell us what you think of this image and demo, and we'd also love to hear your ideas on new video subjects you'd like to see. See the images in full size on our Facebook page. Click here.

Airbrush Getaway Workshops: Learn How To Airbrush!

Learn airbrushing hands-on from the masters at the Airbrush Getaway workshops. Register today:  Orlando, May 5 - 9, 2014 . Click here  or Call 1.800.232.8998

What’s Trending At Airbrush Action

AIrbrush Action Diamond Collection: All Issues from 1985-2013

Airbrush Action Magazine's March - April 2014 Digital Issue is now available!

Now Available!  Plotter Mastery DVD

You won't believe what a plotter can do!

Plotter Mastery reveals how to integrate plotters and art to substantially reduce your workload, improve your efficiency, create effects unachievable by other methods, and generate much more money in the process! This must-see, groundbreaking presentation is for artists of all skill levels and applications!
Experienced users: Learn how to get the most out of your plotter.
Beginners: Learn how to master and integrate a plotter into your workflow.

Now Available! Creating Killer Zombies DVD

With zombies trending stronger than ever, this is a must-have step-by-step presentation on how to render the undead using the most cutting-edge art and airbrush techniques, including how to achieve amazing color combinations, photoreal textures, and tons more. “There are the campy, skeletal-clumsy zombies, the brightly colored, comic-book-inspired zombies, even the modern, overly-realistic, and fast-moving zombies. What this means for artists who have a thing for monster/horror imagery, like me,” explains Worthington, “is an endless flood of possibilities to draw upon for inspiration. In this DVD, I share my approach to zombies, how I select colors, and what keeps me moving forward artistically.”

Javier Soto's Power Portraits 2-Disc DVD Set available now!

Power Portraits, the long-awaited DVD from master portrait painter Javier Soto, includes step-by-step instruction on color theory, how to render facial features, flesh tones, troubleshooting problems such as paint settling, hot spots, blowouts, tip dry, pigment migration, puddling, and spidering, how to use an electric eraser, fiber pen, and razor knife for highlighting and detailing, how to render skin pores, the nuances of painting teeth and hair, working with cool and warm colors, how to evaluate the progress of your painting, use of the Artograph LED digital projector, use of Wicked Colors, and much more.

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Darrell Mayabb – Airbrush Artist

Location: Colorado Specialty: Automotive art, fine art Company:Automotive Graffiti Website: Bio: Darrell Mayabb has been drawing automotive artwork and cartoons since the age of 8, and in 1970 opened his studio, Automotive Graffiti. Mayabb, an extremely talented artist, credits Tom Medley and his Stroker McGurk cartoon as a huge influence in his career. His artwork has been […]


Artool 4 – Craig Fraser Mastering Deb Mahan’s Pin-Up Girlies

DOWNLOAD THIS ARTICLE AS A PDF Gentlemen, and ladies, rev your airbrushed Deborah Mahan’s Pin-Up Girlies is not only gorgeous, it’s unique in that it is not just one stencil but a 5-stencil system that can be used to create different characters and styles. These styles are also a bit longer than the average Artool […]


Italian Fine Art by Luca Pagan

DOWNLOAD THIS AS A PDF Luca Pagan lives and works in Chioggia, a small fishing town not far from Venice. A self-taught artist, he’s been airbrushing since 1995, and his hobby has become his career. His work has been exhibited all over Europe, including Paris, often in conjunction with traditional oil paintings. He paints on […]


Kosmic Kustom Honda Civic By Jeral Tedwell

Ok Kids, here we go again”¦ This go round we’re gonna find some sucker with a cool car and no idea what he wants”¦My sinister plot to take over the world one hyper-colored rocket at a time”¦heheheeee. Now we have a paying victim and life is getting better…. First thing, let’s do some color sketches […]

Weisgerber Head Shot

Glen Weisberger: Artist Profile

                  Location: New Jersey Company: Glen Designs Glen Weisgerber, a self-taught artist, has been in business since 1971. Over the years, he has diversified his business to include truck lettering, logo design, pinstriping, guitar painting and customizing bikes. He has written how-to articles for Sign Business magazine […]

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