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Eddie Davis – Airbrush Artist Profile

“Set realistic goals.” Locale: Fort Walton Beach, Florida Website: Specialty: Skulls Cred: Eddie Davis has been airbrushing professionally in the Fort Walton Beach/Destin, Florida area since 1989. He has worked with House of Kolor and Iwata/Medea at SEMA, was a winner of the 2009 Coast Airbrush Deck Competition, and airbrushed the custom street rods of Captains Andy and […]

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Cheryl Vaughn – Airbrush Artist

Locale: Las Vegas, Nevada Website: Specialty: Faces, T-shirts Cred: Cheryl Vaughn owns and operates Amazon Airbrush. She began airbrushing T-shirts in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in the 1980’s. Vaughn offers her body painting talents year-round, and the Halloween season is her favorite. She recently airbrushed the performance wardrobe for the band Sugarland’s 2012 Summer Tour. Vaughn is […]

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Fraser’s Mastering Return of Skullmaster Artool Stencil – Part 1

by Craig Fraser Download the PDF After all these years of e-mails asking how to use my stencil systems, I want to assure you that only 80-percent of your cries fell on deaf ears. Just kidding. Even with the Skullmaster video, there have been a number of questions floating around on how to use these […]

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Fraser’s Mastering Return of Skullmaster Artool Stencil – Part 2 – Airbrush Tips N’ Tricks

by Craig Fraser Continued from Fraser’s Mastering Return of Skullmaster Artool Stencil – PART 1 When I left you last, I explained how the stencil or freehand shield is a tool, pure and simple. It’s neither good nor evil, smart nor stupid. It reflects the abilities and creativity of its user. I also introduced Frontal […]

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Airbrush Tutorial: Call of the Wild

by Bill Silvers I got the idea to paint idealized poster girls one day while work- Iing alongside an artist who creates stylized renderings of women similar to those done by the late Patrick Nagel. The figures I illustrate have exaggerated pro- portions to enhance their visual impact. Since I have always hated doing the same […]

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Don Eddy – Airbrush Artist

Location: New York Specialty: Airbrushing, fine art Websites: Bio: After receiving a BFA and MFA at the University of Hawaii, Don Eddy eventually moved to New York City and has had a long career as a successful artist. Considered a photo-realist, his paintings juxtapose images of nature and culture in a way that is […]

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Dru Blair – Airbrush Artist

Location: Blair, SC Website: Bio: Dru Blair was born in Newbern, NC., September 7. Growing up in Columbia, SC, his ambitions originally were directed toward a career in medicine. However, during his undergraduate studies at Furman University in Greenville, SC, he discovered an artistic ability. He switched majors his senior year and graduated in 1981 […]

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Positive and Negative Ceramic Stencils in Airbrushing

Ask ceramists that work with stencils and the airbrush why they use stencils, and chances are nine out of ten they will answer, “Because I’m crazy.” Stencils aren’t easy to work with in almost any situation. They are tedious, time consuming, and take some spontaneity out of the work. When using them on ceramic pieces […]

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“Impossible” Photo Highlights – Possible with an Airbrush

Harold Wood, a highly successful commercial photographer who specializes in uncommon product shots, has come up with what he feels is a unique use for airbrushing in his work. He sprays highlights and shadows onto products when he finds it impossible to create such effects with lighting. It’s a method, Wood pointed out in a […]

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Black and White Photo Retouching: A Primer

This article won’t teach you all there is to know about photo retouching– that’s why its called a primer. But what it will tell you, in concrete terms, is what you need to bring to the craft of print retouching, including black and white photo retouching, even before you start-and what you first need to practice after you start. We have chosen to discuss […]

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