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Mark Remling: Airbrush Artist Profile

Location: California Company: Remling Kustom Fine Art Website: Bio: Mark was raised in Queens, New York. His artistic influence came from his grandfather who was a commercial artist. Self-taught, Mark moved to Southern California, where his work is displayed in many night clubs, galleries, restaurants, and personal residences. Mark will paint on anything—motorcycles, canvas, garments, etc. […]

Dinosaur Skin By Mark Rehkopf

Dinosaur Skin By Mark Rehkopf

Dinosaur skin has long been the subject of controversy. While dinosaur bones enable paleonthologists to tell the size and shape of a dinosaur, one can only speculate about a dinosaur’s texture and color. Working on several projects involving dinosaur reconstruction has helped me from, what I feel, is a pretty good idea of their appearance. […]

Pinstriping with Wizard-Basic Design Construction


  By now, I can imagine that you may feel some kind of pride and energy in your stripes, provided of course that you’ve kept up with the lesson plan. (If not, get out those back issues and catch up from lesson 1, cause we’re cruizin’ pretty fast now.) We left off with arcs last […]

The Facts on Airbrushing Taxidermy By John Peterson

Airbrush taxidermy

Click here to download this article (PDF Format) Step 1 Three paint colors “black, bright pink, and burnt umber” are prepared. A lacquer-based acrylic automotive paint (in this case Dupont) is used, partly for its structure. The lacquer-based acrylic sticks well to porous skin and, by flaking the paint, any overspray can be easily removed […]