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“How to Airbrush A Cap” by Ergun Yasar: New Video Released

Do you want to learn how to airbrush a cap, such as a baseball cap or a trucker hat? Even with no airbrushing experience, you can learn this valuable and impressive skill from a master of cap airbrushing, world renowned Ergun Yasar. Airbrush.TV has recently released the Yasar’s “How to Airbrush a Cap” video, available […]

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contour_ airbrushing cosmetics

Airbrushing Cosmetics

By borrowing airbrush techniques from illustrators and photo retouchers and employing revolutionary water- based cosmetics, makeup artists have discovered the potential for limitless creations. No longer categorized solely as a tool for the graphic arts industry, today airbrushes are found in the trained hands of professional cosmetologists, cosmeticians, and freelance makeup artists throughout the world. […]

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Airbrush Action: July - August 2015 issue released

Airbrush Action has released its July - August 2015 issue in print and digital edition. To buy a copy, follow the links below: PRINT: DIGITAL: In this issue: AIRBUSH ACTION EXCLUSIVE! SPECTRUM Fantastic Art Live 4 By Jerry LoFaro In its fourth consecutive year, Kansas City, Missouri, was transformed as a destination into […]

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American Geisha: The Art Of Olivia by Olivia De Berardinis

Olivia’s newest paintings and drawings (from the period of 1997 through 2003) are lovingly presented in this hardcover night table book which contains all-new art created since her last bestselling collection, 1997’s Second Slice. This book features models Dila Von Teese, Masuimi Max, and many more favorites, including Bettie Page, newly drawn in Olivia’s ever-changing […]

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Airbrush Action Magazine's March - April 2016 Issue is now available -- Print and Digital Edition!

AIrbrush Action Diamond Collection: All Issues from 1985-2013