Airbrush Action releases May - June 2015 issue


Airbrush Action has released its May - June 2015 issue in print and digital edition.

The issue marks the 30th year of the magazine’s publishing and features an artwork showing Airbrush Action CEO and publisher Cliff Stieglitz in a baseball jersey, with the team name Airbrush Action and the number 30.

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In this issue:

30 Years of Airbrush Action
By Mary Kay Linge
It all started, as so many great stories do, with a kid who had a dream, saw his chance, and took a risk. Thirty years later, against all odds, Airbrush Action has survived—and thrived.

Chromed-Out Skull & Flames
By Dru Blair
Photorealist guru Dru Blair takes the skull and flames theme to a whole new level in this in-depth and fascinating step-by-step.

Winners of Sparmax Compressor’s 1st European Airbrush Competition!
The goal of this contest was to serve as a way for European artists, exclusively, to share and showcase their talents and artwork. The winners and honorable mentions are featured here.

Wood Grain Technique
By Charley Hutton
Charley Hutton, custom painter extraordinaire, explains step-by-step how to render a realistic wood grain look with a few simple tools and Envirobase® High Performance basecoat.

Deep Space Nebula
By Eyan Higgins Jones
Jones steps outside his photoreal realm of animal imagery to share his steps to rendering gorgeous and complex space scenes using oil paint through an airbrush, aerosol colors, and other cool techniques.

Screaming Patriot: How to Airbrush on Leather
By Terry Hill
Painting on leather can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. In this step-by-step article, Terry Hill reveals his process for airbrushing leather, from surface prep to the finish coat, and shares some of his painting philosophy along the way.

A Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Airbrush
By Roger Scovell
New Tech Column! Roger Scovell, airbrush tech extraordinaire, reveals all you must know to disassemble, clean, and re-assemble your airbrush for optimum performance, longevity, and happy spraying.

Skull & Filigree: A Motorcycle Tank, Stencil, & Createx Colors Primer
By Rob Churchill
Here’s a terrific primer on painting on motorcycle tanks, metal, using magnets for efficient and fast stencil applications for fabulous results, and the use of Createx’s AutoBorne and Illustration Colors lines. Also, this is one of the projects painted at the Airbrush Getaway Workshops.

Vector & Plot 101
By Chris Johnson
Creating a quick vector file of your artwork is easier than you may think. Using Adobe Illustrator and the Graphtec CE6000 plotter, you’ll learn how to render a compelling skull design.


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