Classes (Airbrush Getaway Workshops)

Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned professional, spend five exciting, information packed days learning from the world’s leading artists in the best airbrush seminar you’ll ever attend.

Start with the basics during our introductory one-day workshops, which is a perfect time to brush up on your skills or try something new. These hands-on workshops are taught by the world’s best and provide a solid foundation in many different areas.

Once you complete the one-day workshops be prepared for the best airbrush training you will ever experience during our intensive four-day classes. Masters like Terry Hill, Javier Soto, and Dru Blair will help you realize your potential and in many cases exceed it by showing you tricks and tips they have used.

Browse through the class descriptions below and then pick a date and venue at the bottom of this page.

1-day Classes

Intro to Airbrushing

Explore the different types of airbrushes, maintenance, air sources, safety issues, painting surfaces, preparation, and airbrush media. This course accelerates the skills of new airbrush artists and provides excellent preparation for the four-day classes. (1-Day Class)

 Intro to Automotive Graphics

This excellent primer for the four-day course is designed for beginning and intermediate kustom painters. You’ll learn the basics of graphics, types of airbrushes and paints, safety issues, and much more. (1-Day Class)

 Intro to Automotive Murals on Steel

If you’re just starting out, and you want to spray in the big leagues of custom painters, Intro to Automotive Murals on Steel is a mandatory prerequisite to the four-day Murals on Steel class. (1-Day Class)

 Intro To Pinstriping

Designed for beginners, this course provides detailed information on product knowledge, including paints, brushes, solvents, tapes, and more. (1-Day Class)

T-Shirt Lettering 1-Day Bootcamp

Lettering is the bread and butter of the profession of T-shirt airbrushing, and if you master this aspect of the business you’ll add, literally, thousands of dollars to your bottom line annually.

Intro to Power Portraits

Learn the basics of airbrushing with a special focus on portraiture. In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn and practice various specialized exercises that will help elevate your skill level as it applies to portraiture or any other subject that may require freehand airbrush control. Topics covered include: tools and equipment, image transferring methods, basic airbrush techniques, freehand control, basic shading, basic textures, and more.

Intro To Creating Killer Skulls

The 1-day intro session will be spent building a solid foundation for control and technique with your airbrush.  Regardless your knowledge, it’s important that we accurately assess your skill with an airbrush so that we may maximize your experience at the Airbrush Getaway, and better determine your goals and expectations. In this class, you willpaint a skull and establish the required foundation for the 4-day SKULLS class.

Stencils 101

Stencils Mastery: Basics to Advanced

Instructor: Alan Pastrana

Stencils have become a critically important and integral part of a successful artists’ arsenal.



4-Day Classes

Airbrush Mastery

Finally, here’s the ultimate getaway course that will fast track you to  significant and total airbrush control, speed, and mastery. Airbrush Mastery is highly recommended by airbrush gurus Terry Hill and Brian Lynch. (4-Day Class)

 Automotive Graphics, Cheap Tricks

This high-energy workshop is structured to encompass every aspect of kustom painting, and students will work on multiple projects that demonstrate the latest, cutting-edge techniques and effects. Also, the instructors will welcome any special requests to meet your unique needs. Beginners* and seasoned veterans will be equally challenged by this course.

Automotive Murals on Steel

Murals on Steel is the hottest and most lucrative of kustom applications. Conducted by world-famous custom masters, this class will teach you the top pro tricks for creating high-impact images on hard surfaces. This hands-on course raises the bar for serious artists seeking the next level in kustom excellence and mastery of color.

Pinstriping & Lettering Mastery

This intensive hands-on course will teach taping tricks, dagger designs, designs that sell, color use, how to successfully market your work, how to create award-winning displays, and much more!

T-Shirt Airbrushing

This dynamic and completely hands-on course is a must for anyone wanting to master the secrets of T-shirt airbrushing and maximize their earning power.  Designed for the serious beginner to professional shirt artist who wants to improve in all areas, this class lets you work at your own pace.

Ultimate Airbrush Techniques w/ Terry Hill

Learn 30+ amazing airbrush special effects and more than 50 top pro tips and tricks by the legendary artist Terry Hill. After taking this new class, you’ll be able to airbrush onto virtually any surface and/or application, including cars, trucks, helmets, T-shirts, wall murals, faux finishing, model/hobby, illustration, fine art, and tons more.


4-Day Classes

Power Portraits

Don’t miss this incredible and rare opportunity to learn from Javier Soto, who will share his techniques and approach to rendering photo-realistic portraits with astonishing results in this groundbreaking course. (4-Day Class)

Achieving Photorealism w/ Dru Blair

Dru Blair’s groundbreaking and highly intensive course reveals the secrets of painting photorealistic fire, ice, metal, water, glass, fur, flesh tones, and many other subjects that often challenge artists.

Pin-Up Art with Lorenzo Sperlonga

Learn the secrets and master the techniques to create the female form as a classic pin-up in this one-of-a-kind class. Pin-Ups provides instruction on opaque and transparent color use, flesh tones, how to render many textures, various surfaces to paint on for use in automotive applications, illustration, canvas, mural work, and more.

Kustom Paint Lab w/ Brian Lynch

Kustom Paint Lab exposes students to the operation and use of full-size spray guns to create traditional and advanced custom painting techniques. Students will learn by planning and completing projects that involve masking, fading, marbleizing, texturing, color blending, and many effects.

Plotter Mastery

You won’t believe what a plotter can do! Save time, make more money, create effects unachievable by other methods!

For experienced users: Learn how to get the most ouf of your plotter.

For beginners: Learn how to master and integrate a plotter into your workflow.

Creating Killer Skulls

Instructor: Eddie Davis

Creating Killer Skulls, a completely hands-on workshop, will show you how to make stock, modified, and hybrid skulls stand above the rest with form, dimension, shape, and personality.

T-Shirt Portraits with Troy Pierce


Troy Pierce, legendary T-shirt portrait artist, will share his techniques and approach to rendering photo-realistic portraits on fabric with amazing  results. This groundbreaking course is suggested for intermediate to professional artists who wish to take their work to the next level or higher.