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Exercise in Creativity and Composition By Kent Lind


This article is also available as a PDF > Download For this installment of T-shirt Tactics, I’m going straight to re source of ideas that you guys might want to hear about. I’m talking of course about all the e-mails a that I receive each and every week from you, the readers. I have shared […]

The Wizard Teaches a Pinstriping Primer – Part 2


    Download the PDF To our great delight, we received a lot of great positive feedback on Part I of Wizard’s Between the Lines column from the July-August 2006 issue (if you don’t have that one, it’s available through and Coast Airbrush). In Part II, Wizard finishes off his piece by adding more […]

The Wizard Teaches a Pinstriping Primer – Part I



The ability to render circular shapes, and even 360's, in pinstriping is imperative. As difficult as this task may seem, especially in performing really tight, small circles-there's an old technique I'm going to share-that promises perfect circles every time. It's a method that even the most fumble-fingered novice can accomplish with very little practice! Let's do it.
In Part II, Wizard finishes off his piece by adding more color, design to fill in some of the blank spaces, and, of course, extra circles. As Wizard says, "You can really have a ball with your art when you've got the time and money isn't an issue!"

Hair Airbrushing WIth Body Artist Neil Roth


Click here to download the PDF A new twist on body art, airbrushed hair is catching on at parties, special events, and nightclubs worldwide. I have more than 40 years of airbrushing experience, working as an illustrator, custom painter, and airbrush instructor. During the summer, you can find the working Ohio’s carnivals and street fairs […]

Now Available: Steampunk Dolls and Femmes Fatales


Released for the first time in July 2013, this new beautiful 160-page first limited edition of Steampunk Dolls and Femmes Fatales  features all new paintings of sensual pin ups never published before and few classics from Lorenzo’s previous three art books. This volume contains tasteful nudity and it is intended for a mature audience. Size […]

New Product! Graphtec CE6000-60 Vinyl Plotter


Create kustom stencils faster and easier with the Graphtec CE6000-60 Vinyl Plotter! Create incredible graphics for airbrushing, vehicles, banners, signs and more! 3-inch LCD Screen Tangential Emulation Cuts Amazingly Small Letters! Advanced Registration Marking Compatible with Mac & Windows Includes Stand! Graphtec Studio Software 300 Grams of Force versus the GX-24′s 250 Suggested list: $2,195  […]

Pinstriping with Wizard – Finding the Perfect Symmetry


Click here to download the PDF File Step 1: To complete the design on the decklid we started last time we need to be certain the second color complements the first color, and does not dominate the design. So I mixed approximately 60% tan with 40% dark green onto the pallet. Step 2: Next, I […]

T-Shirt Pet Portraits-The Family Dog


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF With the holiday season coming up many of us T-shirt artists are looking for ways to supplement our income or punch up our display to attract more customers. Many shoppers want a special gift for someone, and a portrait of the beloved family pet is a natural, But beware– these […]

How to Render Stone By Various Artists


 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF   Many artists feel that stippling shades of either warm or cool grays at varied pressures is the secret to illustrating realistic-looking stone textures. Louisiana artist Pat Reynolds feels that the more colors he uses, the more realistic hi s granite will look. He will stipple in as many as […]

Home Improvement-Hardwood Floor Stenciling by Sheri Hoeger


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF I became interested in airbrushing when i worked a s a manicurist for several years. I had done some hand-painted nail art during that time. and airbrushing fingernails was just gaining attention when I left that profession. When I later began wall stenciling as a part-time business, I began […]