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Painless Caning: A Tutorial by Craig Fraser


DOWNLOAD PDF FILE by Craig Fraser Steve Chaszeyka, Wizard to you, had a customer who wanted the caning texture rendered on his Rolls Royce, and so he asked me to solve the problem. The rest is, at best, obscure history. I’ve performed this technique ever since, but primarily for show at Pinhead meets as gifts […]

Shattered Glass


DOWNLOAD PDF FILE Having taught a whole lot of airbrush getaway courses over the years, the most frequent grumblings I’ve ever heard from those artists who are accustomed to freehanding everything is that frisket are a pain in the #.#. It doesn’t seem to be the masks so much as having to wrestle with placing […]

Cheap Tricks-Granite By Terry Hill


 DOWNLOAD PDF FILE The Stippling method I use to create the stone or granite effect involves deflecting the paint off just about any object you can hold conveniently in your hand, such a s a clothespin or a tongue depressor. This method will work with any airbrush (the Aztek offers a splatter nozzle that produces […]

Back to Basics: Shading and Blending


 DOWNLOAD PDF FILE Last issue I demonstrated the dagger stroke, the most difficult and important of the almighty four basic strokes in airbrushing. Ultimately, if you master the dagger, you’ve pretty much conquered airbrushing. However, to render you completely rounded as an airbrush pro, I’d be neglectful if I didn’t introduce the fourth & final […]

Kent Lind’s Ice Pearl T-shirt How To


DOWNLOAD PDF Every couple of years, more or less, a groundbreaking idea emerges, or re-emerges, that gives a particular application(s) the shot in the arm it urgently needs. And such an epiphany punctuated the September 2007 Las Vegas Getaway: the amazing marriage of House of Kolor’s automotive-targeted Ice Pearls on T-shirts! Before we delve into […]

Video: Orlando Airbrush Getaway Highlight Reel


The Airbrush Getaway is the World’s leading hands-on airbrush workshop program, featuring some of the best artists as instructors.

Vinyl Plotters – Making a Rippin’ Clipz Skullology Airbrush Stencil


BEFORE WE GO INTO THE DETAILS of choosing a vinyl plotter and software, allow me to introduce you to the steps involved in creating and using a vinyl stencil. It’s important to point out that a plotter must be given the proper type of image so that it knows what it’s supposed to cut. This […]

Mark Remling: Airbrush Artist Profile

Location: California Company: Remling Kustom Fine Art Website: Bio: Mark was raised in Queens, New York. His artistic influence came from his grandfather who was a commercial artist. Self-taught, Mark moved to Southern California, where his work is displayed in many night clubs, galleries, restaurants, and personal residences. Mark will paint on anything—motorcycles, canvas, garments, etc. […]

Dinosaur Skin By Mark Rehkopf

Dinosaur Skin By Mark Rehkopf

Dinosaur skin has long been the subject of controversy. While dinosaur bones enable paleonthologists to tell the size and shape of a dinosaur, one can only speculate about a dinosaur’s texture and color. Working on several projects involving dinosaur reconstruction has helped me from, what I feel, is a pretty good idea of their appearance. […]

Pinstriping with Wizard-Basic Design Construction


  By now, I can imagine that you may feel some kind of pride and energy in your stripes, provided of course that you’ve kept up with the lesson plan. (If not, get out those back issues and catch up from lesson 1, cause we’re cruizin’ pretty fast now.) We left off with arcs last […]