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Airbrush Master, Terry Hill, Shows How to Master the Soft Dagger Stroke – Part 1


In his previous article, Terry discussed basic shapes and paint flow. Of course, every new artist asks “Is there a point to basic shapes, lines, dots, dagger strokes, and so on?” Terry’s answer is, “You’ll be surprised to see how they combine to make recognizable shapes and objects. They are designed to build upon one […]

Dale Jr T-shirt By Jeff Copeland


As we all know, every good T-shirt portrait starts with a detailed reference photo. In this case, I used a picture from Dale Jr.’s 2005 calendar. I usually spend an hour or so studying reference material prior to painting. It’s important to look for odd colors and shadow transitions. Now, lightly trace the photo onto […]

Flesh Bone and Metal By Steven Craig


Steven Craig is the owner of SKC Customz in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. He has only been airbrushing for eight years. But in that short amount of time, he has achieved the 2003 House of Kolor Prestigious Painter Award, among many others. He is sponsored by Hot Hues of Dupont Industries and teaches airbrushing. His […]

Body Art for the Mainstream


You could Mark Greenawalt a man for all seasons. During the day, he’s vice-president of Sullivan Designs, an electrical engineering company; at night, he moonlights as a musician. Not one to merely dabble, Greenawalt is a round-the-clock success. This past September, he scored a number one country hit on with a tune titled “Simple […]

Script For Shirts By Ricky Patrick


Neglected by most beginning T-shirt airbrushers, lettering is and always has been one of the most important aspects of airbrush T-shirt customizing. Personalization is the key factor in this business, giving customers the opportunity to tell the world who they are, publicize their opinions, advertise their business or organization, and even express their love and […]

Between The Lines with Wizard Lesson 2


Click here to read Part 1 Welcome and hello! Have you mastered the first line yet? Can you perform it at will? At this stage, you should be comfortable with the feel of the brush in your hand and have a handle on pulling an 18-inch vertical line. Before moving on to the horizontal line, […]

Between The Lines with Wizard Lesson 1


There are no absolutes in the world of pinstriping. You have only to view a handful of the truly great stripers to see that the possibilities of expression are truly infinite, but at the same time, there are boundaries. Although your color palette is unlimited, the wrong choice can ruin a design. Technique and accuracy […]

Sailboard Art By Lee Seiler


Airbrush art on sport equipment and vehicles has a long history. For many years, artists have been turning out lavish designs using enamels and auto acrylics on metal and fiberglass surface. With the invention of windsurfing, a new and interesting area for the airbrush artist materialized. As interest in custom fiberglass sailboards grew, so did […]

Airbrushing Model Horses By Clint Voris


There is an entire cottage industry built around model horses. That’s good news for people like Clint Voris who has turned his former part-time hobby into a second job. He produces over 100 custom airbrushed model horses each year. Step 1 Start with a basic factory model horse. The two major manufacturers are Breyer and […]

Vince Goodeve Kustom Bowling Pin How To


If you have ever wondered how to do a paint job on a curvy object requiring a completely masked surface, you are in luck. In this article, I’ll show you how to custom paint a bowling pin, but you can use these techniques for any other object you find difficult to tape up completely. These […]