Killer Airbrush Q&A: Painting on Matte, Neon Shirts

“Got questions? What airbrush artist doesn’t? Gear and equipment, materials and additives, techniques and tools—the options are legion, and keeping up with it all can be overwhelming. Fortunately, when you’re confronted with a puzzle, Airbrush Action has got your back! . . . “

Here is one the great projects that students will airbrush at the upcoming Orlando Airbrush Getaway, May 5-9.

SNEAK PEAK: ROD FUCHS’ CREATING KILLER SKULLS Airbrush Getaway Class Project is the Bomb! May 5-9

“Rod Fuchs is clearly the bomb (I know we’re beating this pun to death, but I couldn’t resist!) when it comes to airbrushing amazing skulls onto any surface. Here’s a sneak preview of one of the great projects Mr. Fuchs’s has in store for his CREATING KILLER SKULLS class at the ORLANDO AIRBRUSH GETAWAY May 5-9. . . “


The Micro Airbrush Art of Steven Leahy

Steven Leahy has mastered the art of micro airbrushing, painting mini masterpieces few can achieve.  To see more of Leahy’s work, go to Airbrush Getaway Workshops: Airbrush Action Magazine here: NEW Blog: Airbrush.TV: for the largest selection of online instructional videos on airbrushing.


“A little spritz of spray-on clear won’t protect your work. The paint job on a skating helmet has to be tough enough to stand up to hard hits. That’s why the pros pour a small amount of. . . . ”


Happy Easter from Airbrush Action. Featured artist: Jerry Ott

Happy Easter from the Airbrush Action family to yours. Enjoy this gift, a new and amazing painting by fine artist Jerry Ott, one of the great photorealists of the modern era. To see more of Mr. Ott’s work, go to Also, check out for the largest selection of online instructional videos on airbrushing.

Congratulations to Jonathan Pantaleon for providing such a great image for our 29th Anniversary cover.

AIRBRUSH ACTION’s 29th Anniversary Cover Revealed Here First!

A big congratulations to Jonathan Pantaleon for making the 29th Anniversary’s cover (May-June) of Airbrush Action magazine with his spectacular art. What’s more exciting is that you can actually learn from Jonathan, in person and hands-on, at the Orlando Airbrush Getaway, May 5-9 at the Doubletree Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld. Learn Airbrushing Hands-On From Pantaleon! Orlando, […]


NEW TALENT ALERT! Tarcísio Leopoldo, 25, Beltrão, Brazil

Feast your eyes on the work of Tarcisio Leopoldo, a terrific new discovery and future feature in Airbrush Action. To see more of Leopoldo’s work go to  ORLANDO AIRBRUSH GETAWAY COUNTDOWN: 20 Days to Go!! REGISTER now to learn the coolest and hottest airbrush techniques on the planet, May 5-9 at the Doubletree Hilton at SeaWorld. […]


John Stahr’s Artistic Aviation

John Stahr’s Artistic Aviation ORLANDO AIRBRUSH GETAWAY COUNTDOWN: 21 Days to Go!! To learn the coolest and hottest airbrush techniques on the planet, REGISTER for the Orlando AIRBRUSH GETAWAY, May 5-9 at the Doubletree Hilton at SeaWorld. Seats still available. For details go to: or call 732-223-7878. MILITARY, GROUP, & COUPLES DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE. Also, check out for […]


Jason Brookshire: Unsung Hero of the Airbrush Getaway

Jason Brookshire is not only an extremely talented automotive custom painter and artist, he’s also one of the key coordinators behind the esteemed AIRBRUSH GETAWAY WORKSHOPS. Register for the Orlando GETAWAY, May 5-9 at the Doubletree Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld and learn airbrushing hands-on from Mr. Brookshire in the AUTOMOTIVE CHEAP TRICKS & SPECIAL F/X […]


Learn Airbrushing Hands-On From Airbrush Great Jonathan Pantaleon! Orlando, May 5-9

LEARN AIRBRUSHING FROM THE WORLD’S BEST: THE ORLANDO AIRBRUSH GETAWAY, MAY 5-9 Attend airbrush great Jonathan Pantaleon’s MURALS ON STEEL class at the ORLANDO AIRBRUSH GETAWAY, MAY 6-9 (1-day MURALS, May 5) ( or call 800-876-2472 or 732-223-7878). 20 courses offered!! 4-DAY CLASSES: Airbrush Mastery, Power Portraits, Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X, Plotter Mastery, […]