It's All About The Airbrush Master!

I’m very excited about Terry Hill’s new DVD, Airbrush Mastery. Although we will continue to sell Beginning Airbrush with Terry Hill (released in 1993), Airbrush Mastery is its long-awaited replacement with updated information on the latest airbrushes, paint, and techniques. At 102 minutes in length, this is a highly informative presentation for beginning to intermediate airbrush users. Terry Hill is one of my closest friends in and out of the industry, and I’m grateful for his generosity and ongoing commitment to freely share his knowledge for more than 20 years. Also, Airbrush Mastery, his Airbrush Getaway course is now the most popular and highly attended of the entire program.

If you’ve read this, you’re entitled to a Getaway discount, so call me and say you want the Getaway Blog Discount! (732-223-7878).




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