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On Celebrating Twenty-Five Years

With great humor, I’m reminded of a representative of a major airbrush manufacturer who forecast our doom after issue 1 and stocked up on the premiere issue, banking on its appreciation as a collector’s item. Although our success has probably been to the chagrin of this soul, he can still cash in on that issue after all for about $50 a pop or more, if that’s any consolation.

We seem to have done the near impossible by surviving twenty-five years. And although I’m proud of this achievement, there’s no room for gloating or smugness, or believing we’ve reached the top. We continually fight and struggle to top ourselves. As a vertical publication, we have to strive for uniqueness and innovation to maintain our readership.

The overall key to our success, if I were forced to choose a single dominant element, has to be perseverance. Perseverance against the great threat of failure. Perseverance in grasping at every thread of hope. Perseverance in the struggle against burnout. Perseverance in developing resources. And even perseverance despite better times and twenty-five years under your belt. Perseverance inspired by the deep hunger to survive—and survive well, if possible.

What artist can’t relate to this? What artist worth his or her salt hasn’t faced and overcome tremendous adversity in the drive to survive and to succeed? What artist is ever completely satisfied with his or her work? We have to keep growing to sustain our passion for what we do, or there’s simply no point in doing it.

We appreciate immensely the devotion of our advertisers and our many readers, and we promise to maintain the steady growth and appeal of Airbrush Action, my most cherished accomplishment and most willing sacrifice.  Here’s a toast to all those who believed in Airbrush Action, and even to those who didn’t. And may all the issues be collector’s items!