Sneak Peak at a New Getaway Course

I’d like your opinion of Down to Business, Kent Lind’s new Airbrush Getaway course (please e-mail  Here’s the description:

Down to Business with Kent Lind
Learn how to substantially boost your productivity and bottom line!
Whether you airbrush as a hobby or professionally, this new and groundbreaking course will teach you how to be successful as a full-time artist. According to Lind, “I’ve observed many artists who seemingly spin their wheels year after year, with no real set of goals or road map on how to get where they want to go. I’m ready to share my 20-plus years of experience by pointing students in the right direction, and show them what they want and need to know.”
You’ll learn:
• How to optimize your displays
• Types of venues
• How negotiate a contract (percentage versus straight rent)
• A basic understanding of equipment and airbrush techniques
• Specific design execution of lettering and cartoons
• Inventory tracking
• When and how to advertise
• Who to contact when scouting for a location
• High profit ancillary items: lanyards, knit hats, trucker hats, can coozies and keychains
• Vendor sources for T-shirts, specialty shirts (beaters and cap sleeves), lanyards, can coozies, license plates, knit hats, trucker hats, equipment, supplies, and more
• How to successfully work bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and special events (including how to market yourself and the event)
• Extensive understanding of Createx, Wicked, and Auto Air colors.
• Specific outline of types, quantity, and composition of display
• How to negotiate for a location, including insurance.
• How to find and hire artists
• How to scout for a location
• Examples of set-ups at amusement parks, outside venues requiring travel, and store fronts and kiosks.
• And much, much more.

(A prior basic understanding of the airbrush is recommended but not necessary.)




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