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After the Funk and the Slump, The Airbrush Action Blog is Back

I gotta be honest.  I was in a deep slump for more than a month and I’m happy to report that I’m back physically (the shoulder’s doing very well) and mentally.  It was a combination of a number of things: the shoulder surgery, Holiday funk, a brutal winter, and the enormous stress of publishing the January-February Airbrush Action, which, I believe, is one of our best.  Did I actually experience post-partum depression from the issue?  The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  The 90-minute airbrush instructional DVD (a huge success, by the way, and an effort I’m very proud of) we included ran late and over-budget at the replicator.  As a result we had to pay exorbitant rush fees, and overnight the shipment (for Saturday delivery no less!) to Wisconsin from Brooklyn, New York for a whopping $3,900!!! 

Also, this issue was, to be candid, good by accident.  We really had no great airbrush cover feature, and had to put our best foot forward because of a $10,000 promotion we committed to that better penetrated the Canadian market (Wal-Mart Canada, 7-11, Macs West, and others).  Ah, the price for airbrush evangelism.  I turned to my biggest weapon, airbrush pin-up artist, Olivia, and she was generous enough to help out last minute.   Historically, all Olivia covers sell out.  She and her husband, Joel, are wonderful people, and I love ’em to death for always being there for us, and for their dear freindship.  By the way, many of our strongest issues have come via serendipity. 

As the leader of my company, I’m certainly responsible for motivating my employees, but there’s really no one to give me a boost when I need it.  For anyone going through this, all I can advise is work through it and know that you’ll rebound.  It’s a difficult process, but you’ve got to tough it out and have faith. 

Again, as always, I thrive on your feedback about Airbrush Action, and airbrushing, and wish to know how we can make it a better airbrush publication for you.  Airbrush on.