The Naked Truth: Skinstriping in the July/August 2012 Issue of Airbrush Action Magazine

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In the July-August 2012 issue of Airbrush Action magazine pinstriping master Mitch Kim is interviewed.

July-August 2012 Issue
Airbrush Action Magazine

Proving that “nothing is unstripable,” Kim shows off his considerable skills as an artist by “conquering the curviest and most dangerous frontiers of pinstriping, the female body.” Kim is an Oregon-based artist with four decades of “fine and steady” pinstriping experience—so “who better to bring the art of pinstriping to a novel next level?”

Seeking to find a smart balance between work and play, Kim said he “just wanted it to be about pinstriping and not the girl … but a naked female body always takes precedence, always.” A pleasing and provocative photo spread completes the story.

“We’ve coined it ‘skinstriping,’ and I believe it will gain traction as a new trend in the art world,” explained Airbrush Action’s publisher, Cliff Stieglitz. “From a creative and professional standpoint Mitch is the right guy to lead the way. The feedback from our readers has been overwhelming, with many expressing interest in trying it themselves.”


Kim shows off his considerable skills as an artist by “conquering the curviest and most dangerous frontiers of pinstriping, the female body.”


Also included in this issue:

• Plotters and Art: A step-by-step article on setting up an efficient and productive mutli-layer mask. The report comes from a Airbrush Getaway courses, Plotter Mastery, taught by Scott MacKay, a world-class automotive artist.

• Fast Times in New Hampshire: A photo essay on the nation’s oldest bike rally, Lanonia Motorcycle Week, where 200,000 enthusiasts showed off their wares.

• Into the Dark: A report on the challenging but spectacular art of painting a black light mural.

• Airbrushing as Religion: A behind-the-scenes report by an airbrush novice and professional journalist on the “Secret Priesthood” of today’s airbrush artist community.

• Crab Island Hijinx: This issue’s “T-Shirt Tactics” report comes from the Florida Panhandle where artist Eddie Davis pays airbrush homage to one of his favorite spots.

• You Must Project: Airbrush Action’s Annual Art Projector Buying Guide offers details and direction on this “very necessary piece of equipment” for artists.

As always, readers can browse and buy from our complete library of instructional DVDS, books, back issues, and Airbrush Getaway workshops.

About Airbrush Action Magazine:

Founded by Cliff Stieglitz in 1985, Airbrush Action magazine is the longest publishing airbrush magazine in world history. Distributed internationally through Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, 7-Eleven, all military branches, and many other mainstream outlets, Airbrush Action is edited for airbrush enthusiasts and art professionals. It covers all popular applications of airbrushing, including body art, automotive custom painting, T-shirt airbrushing, tattoo art, pin-up art, hobby/model uses, illustration, fine art, and more. For more information, or contact Cliff Stieglitz, Airbrush Action magazine publisher, at




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