I Failed to Mention This. . . . . .

I was pleasantly surprised by, and grateful for, the strong and positive response to yesterday’s blog, Is Print Dead?  The State of the Airbrush Union.  Your generous comments and supportive positions really motivated me.  More comments are coming, of course, but if what I read is a fair sample of the collective thinking of Airbrush Action‘s readership (which I believe it is), then I’m stoked.  Thank you.

What I failed to mention, though, is that in the September-October and November-December 2011 issues we eliminated about four pages of house ads (some were downsized or consolidated), and in the upcoming September-October issue we will remove about three more pages.  This was and is being done largely in response to your feedback, and in an effort to trim the fat for more content. We have never rested on our laurels, and always strive to publish a quality magazine.

Now, as you can probably imagine, trying to come up with new ideas, artists, applications, etc., about airbrushing can be challenging (frankly, I’m amazed we’ve been able to do it for nearly 30 years!), and to prevent staleness (which, admittedly, can and does occur with such a vertical subject) I sometimes try to shock, which is partly what the July-August issue is about (the other aspect is that it’s a fabulous image painted by one of the greatest pinstripers, ever).  I knew it would turn heads, be slightly controversial, and make people ask (which they already have, believe me), ‘Why pinstriping on the cover of an airbrush magazine?’  Inspiration and the promotion of a synergistic art form as a possible new way to make money is the answer.  The Pinstriping course at the Airbrush Getaway does well simply because airbrush artists want to learn how to pinstripe.  Also, I did envision “skinstriping” as a new art form that could gain traction.  Ultimately, all can win here, especially with an open-mindedness to expand our arsenal as artists.

I wish everyone a great weekend.




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