Drew Struzan’s Advice on Flesh Tones

A couple of years ago I called Drew Struzan to try to convince him to do a DVD on his technique.  For those unfamiliar with Struzan, he is one of the all-time great illustrators, having done most of the movie posters for Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and many others.  His poster credits include Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., the Star Wars series, Back to the Future, the Harry Potter series, and the list goes on forever.  Struzan, whom I’m honored to call a friend, is very softspoken, shy, and modest.  Anyway, when he asked what he could possibly contribute, I suggested a detailed demonstration on flesh tones.  Struzan chuckled.  ‘What’s so funny?’ I asked.  ‘Flesh tones are a mystery to many,’ to which he replied, “It’s no mystery at all.  Achieving any flesh tone is a simple matter of matching color.”   I was speechless against that punchline!  The DVD was never made.

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