Believe It Or Not, You Are a Salesperson

Periodically, I conduct a mini-lecture on sales at the Airbrush Getaway.  Typcially, a good portion of the group will admit via a show of hands that they’re bad at, or uncomfortable with, selling a customer.  Little do they realize how good they really are.  We’re all salespeople, but most of us don’t perceive ourselves that way despite a stellar record in sales. You sell all the time on the behalf of major companies and you don’t earn a dime in commission!  For example, think of a movie you really loved and how you anxiously and excitedly shared your experience with anyone who would listen.  Movie studios rely heavily on the word-of-mouth of their sales force: YOU!!!  Just imagine how many movie tickets you sold (yes, sold) in your lifetime.  A genuine belief in and enthusiasm for what you sell is a huge factor in closing.  And if you employ the same energy and confidence in selling your art or art services that you would selling a movie or product that you love, you’ll increase your business exponentially.  Also, regardless the bad day you may be having, don’t let your customer know or sense that.  Theater actors could be depressed and experiencing a day from hell, but you’d never see it in their performance.  It’s called ‘maintaining’ [their energy level]. Best of luck in elevating your numbers!

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