Crescent’s New RendR Paper!

Here’s a cool quote of the day:

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.  Albert Einstein

I want to introduce you to a great new paper, RendR, from Crescent Cardboard Company, written by my special guest blogger, Mays Mayhew.

Like most artists I use a sketchbook to brainstorm, conceptualize, and come up with ideas for my larger work. My sketchbooks are very important to me. I want to use the best materials in my work. One the most annoying problems with sketchbooks is using heavy media/mediums that soak through the page and make the reverse side useless. Or worse, RendR Crescentjust finishing a meticulous drawing and then using media on the other side that ruins it. I’ve heard other artists complain about this, too, but since it was always like this, artists accepted it.

But as a Product Developer for Crescent I have the unique ability to invent new products. I don’t have to accept annoying problems. And as an artist, I wanted a sketchbook that I could ink up one side and then use the other side of the page. The goal was that every page was a clean slate, a blank canvas. I wanted a sketchbook that allowed every page to matter.

My team and I worked with several paper mills to develop the perfect paper that not only prevented inks to bleed through but also didn’t have any show-through on the other side–not even a ghost image. It took a year. It wasn’t a simple task. There were several challenges creating a paper with no bleed-through, an artist grade paper and one that artists could afford.

The result was a phenomenal paper that exceeded all of our goals. RENDR paper is smooth enough for marker and inks with a slight tooth for pencil. Now you can get a sketchbook with full confidence that every page will start as a clean one. A sketchbook documents an artist’s journey. It’s important to respect that journey by using quality materials. Take pride in your work. Use RENDR – No Show-Thru Paper sketchbooks.

Mays Mayhew, artist and inventor of RENDR – No Show-Thru Paper




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