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Airbrush Action Magazine Offering
Limited Number of Discount Coupons
For Its Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway

With less than two months until its Airbrush Getaway workshops (October 8 -12), Airbrush Action Magazine is offering a limited number of high discount coupons to help promote its new Facebook and social media campaign. People who log on and “like” Airbrush Action’s page can register to receive a variable-rate coupon of 10%, 15%, 20%, or 25% off a Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway class. There are only 25 coupons available, and the amount received is randomly generated.
“Social media is a great way to raise awareness for our magazine and reach new artists and a wider audience,” explains Cliff Stieglitz Airbrush Action Magazine founder.

That’s why Stieglitz has recently begun dedicating time and magazine resources to all aspects of social media including Facebook, Twitter and the publication’s website blog. Postings feature everything from tips from the industry’s leading artists and professionals, to personal stories and inspirations drawn from his nearly 25 years promoting the airbrush and tattoo industries.

Coupons will be offered for a limited time and can be applied to the registration for any of the Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway courses. For more information, please visit Airbrush Action’s Facebook page,, or visit

About the Airbrush Getaway:
“The Airbrush Getaway is a one-of-a-kind event—the world’s best airbrush immersion program,” according to Cliff Stieglitz, Airbrush Action’s publisher. “It’s ideal for artists and non-artists seeking to learn new skills or take their art to professional levels.”

The Airbrush Getaway has attracted students from all over the world and from corporations as diverse as Disney, AT&T, Boeing, Texas Instruments, Hallmark and many others, as well as freelance artists, small business owners and students of all skill levels. Students come away learning how to make thousands of extra dollars airbrushing, and many claim that what they learn in four or five days at the workshop would take years to learn on their own.

“We’ve worked hard to develop our exceptional faculty,” Stieglitz explains. “All our instructors are at the top of their field. A special comradery and bond develops between students and staff at every Getaway.”

Former Student Quote:
“I’m blown away! This is my passion. The Getaway classes make me realize how far I can go.”
—Quincy Russell, Cenla Customs, First Time Getaway Attendee

About Airbrush Action Magazine:
Founded by Cliff Stieglitz in 1985, Airbrush Action magazine is the longest continuously published airbrush magazine in the world. Distributed internationally through Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, 7-Eleven, all military branches, and many other mainstream outlets, Airbrush Action is edited for airbrush enthusiasts and art professionals. It covers all popular applications of airbrushing, including body art, automotive custom painting, T-shirt airbrushing, tattoo art, pin-up art, hobby/model uses, illustration, fine art, and more.

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