Jon Hul Shares His Advice on Basic Drawing Skills for Painting (Beginner to Intermediate Levels)

Just a bit of advice to those of you who are curious or interested in my emphasis on the importance of basic drawing skills for my art. Regardless the surface (illustration board, canvas, hard board, etc.), I never begin a painting unless it’s first drawn or mapped out with a pencil. This is the most critical part of the process because it allows you to exemplify your interpretation of how the image should appear.

I believe proportion is another key and critical element to any work of art, especially when rendering the human form (and 2D and 3D art). I only use a 2H lead pencil because it leaves light lines that are easy to cover with the many thin layers of acrylic paint I use to build color intensity and depth during the course of a painting. As the old saying goes, “Draw it light until it’s right.” A “heavier lead” leaves darker lines that are more difficult to cover.

With the drawing complete, I move onto “mapping-out” the transparent colors in and around all areas of the painting, and then carefully add more layers of color until I’m satisfied. Then it’s onto cutting out stencils for the airbrush work, and moving on from there.

It’s a pleasure to share my insights with you.





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