Airbrush Great Jaime Rodriguez Has Died

I’m very sad to report that Jaime Rodriguez, one of our great airbrush artists, died last night at his home in Phoenix.  He was 32.  I knew Jaime for many years, and was a big fan of his work on automotive surfaces and T-shirts.  In fact, he possessed one of the best, most intricate of lettering styles in the industry.  In this regard, I considered Jaime a true innovator with his approach to art and inimitable style. Further details to follow. Rodriguez is survived by his wife, Crystal, and their two children: Andrea, 9, and Davian, 5.  Airbrush Action requests that in lieu of flowers or gifts, to please send donations to the family:

Darrell Brown

7815 S. 5th Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85041

Memo: Crystal Rodriguez

Correspondence of condolences may be sent to Crystal at the above address as well.





  1. spyder crowley says:

    Very sad indeed. It was his videos that inspired me to come back to airbrushing. He made everything look so easy and yet he stressed practice in a way that actually made you want to practice for hours. He will be missed very much.

  2. Steve Woodland says:

    Jaime was an Incredible artist and so much fun to watch. I watched tons of his video’s online and he was truly an inspiration. His passing is a tragic loss. Condolences and prayers to his family. Rest in Peace Jaime, you’ll be missed dearly…

  3. Jaime was an airbrush legend at the young age of only 32. He had a huge influence on many T-Shirt artists as well as in the automotive field……he is gone way too soon. Aloha



  5. Steen Gaarden says:

    It is absolutely unreal to get such a message, I’ve seen Jaime’s videos on YOUTUBE time after time, he was one of the very best ..
    my thoughts are with the bereaved …

  6. Raymond Garza says:

    It’s hard to believe someone so positive and full of life could be gone so early. He was of such great influence and inspiration to me for an airbrush artist. He filled the air with such motivating and positive energy. It was such a joy working side by side with him. You will be missed and always be known to me as a hero and friend that gave me a taste of what it was like to exercise the true potential of airbrush artist. For this I thank him and will never forget him.

  7. It was a shocking news for me, as to the gossip that i didnt believed,
    nevertheless, you are one of the very few artist i sought to seek in regards to your ideas and technique about airbrushing. may you be in peace bro. our condolances from the Filipino Airbrush Community.

  8. Raymond Garza says:

    It’s hard to believe someone so positive and full of life could be gone so early. He was of such great influence and inspiration to me as an airbrush artist. He filled the air with such motivation and positive energy. It was such a joy working side by side with him. You will be missed and always be known to me as a hero and friend that gave me a taste of what it was like to exercise the true potential of an airbrush artist. For this I thank him and will never forget him.

  9. Buzz Brown says:

    Such a great loss! I was just googling his artwork online night before last for some inspiration. He was truly amazing at his script lettering, and I can’t help but think there will be some great new artworks decorating the hallways in Heaven.

  10. Sergio Terrazas says:

    So shocked. such a young and talented artist. He’s been a true inspiration to me.
    RIP Jaime. Hasta Luego amigo.

  11. Why did he commit suicide? RIP jaime….

    • Mike Royal just blab to the world why don’t you.

    • calvin bridges says:

      As an Artist we go into deep dark places in our minds, we seek inspiration in our mind’s dark realities, no one knows why these dark places exist and they are hard to escape sometimes, our emotions gets the best of us sometimes, all things happen at once, we try to hold it all together and if we are not ground in reality we simply escape into our inner existence of fantasy and dreamworld to escape the realities of life. I had my share of dark fears alter-reality states and thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ he renew my mind always. My every hope and faith is in My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, if it wasn’t I would had died long ago!!!

  12. Scott Paul aka Montorkart says:

    It is a very sad day that such a talent and a master of his craft has left us. I was influenced by Jamie as i am very new at Airbrushing. Its not easy here in Australia to get a good start,but he gave me the grit to try harder at my art.My heart felt sorrows go out to his family and friends, I hope he has gone some where peaceful and free from pain.My hat goes off to you Jamie for you are a true legend. As we say in Australia ” He’s a good bloke “.

  13. Very sad, i wish his family the best, and hope they make it through these tough times !

  14. very very sad he made me feel like i could paint anything,the way he could build confidence into someone with the way he spoke and the words he prayers to him and his family.

  15. A true loss to the Airbrush community along with his wife and children. He was a wonderful young man and I pray peace for his family.

  16. Peter Cohen says:

    My wife and I are absolutely shocked. As photographers, we worked many bar and bat mitzvah parties with Jaime and Crystal, and they were both wonderful to work with and incredible talents. We hired Jaime to do airbrushing at our son’s bar mitzvah just last November, and I was in the process of building a new web site for him over the past couple of months. His talent and spirit was immense, and we will miss him.

  17. RollerZ Only Chucky says:

    Ive Known Jaime since we were kids, he has done all my work and even sponsored a piece for me which my kids still show today.. He was always helpful and even tried to help me learn to airbrush so my paintjobs would look better.. If your in the industry, you know its very hard to have someone teach you thier skill yet Jaime was one of those people not afraid to show and help others… you will be missed brotha and from RollerZ Only C.C. and me R.I.P. friend

  18. I did not know Jaime…

    However, I wish I could have met him. In his videos I observed a very talented and frankly unequaled skill; a passion who was prideful of his gift and willing to share it freely. It seems to me – a 50 year old dinosaur, that the world of Airbrushing was his for the taking. His charisma, personality, and professionalism, seemed unlike any I’d observed in my 37 years as an airbrush artist.

    When we lose someone so unique, so gifted, and so very young that belongs to the brother and sisterhood that is our industry, we all give pause; for part of all of us has been taken away – removed from our sacred home. Jaime seemed that precious blend of savvy artisan and public persona. He was proud of his heritage, a culture which holds strong and fast to hand painted art, whereas most of America has dismissed it to the bowels of digital hell.

    The Airbrush industry is a niche; but we used to be emboldened and in huge demand. We’re but a side show now. Industries change, morph, and transition. Once our guild could be found in nearly every mall or where people gathered. We now seem left to reside in pockets dotted through our global landscape consumed by towers and piles of unoriginal digital crap and sun tan booths. Jaime was a fresh face, an energy, and a quite special airbrush talent. He introduced and fascinated young YouTube lookers and seekers of our airbrush ways with a fun-loving bigger than life master teacher persona. I was mesmerized. Through the electric waves and sounds of chaotic ones and zeros we now call society, Jaime embraced the communication; and seemed to be rebuilding aspects of what we’d lost. His soul – his art will ride those waves forever…

    Blessings and my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

    In my Native American culture we have a saying: One does not need to know another is great to see that greatness is within him.

    Cuidar a mi hermano: tú nos hiciste muy orgullosos!

  19. One of the biggers in the airbrush world go. He leave us his art. And still he is there. But it is not enougth for his fans. I WILL PAINT A TEAR FOR HIM. HASTA SIEMPRE JAIME. I’m a mexican Airbrush Artist, living in Spain, promoving this beautiful art of the Airbrush. I met Jaime in Phoenix, when i was there to learn airbrush. Since so, he was a reference to learn airbrushing, and for my airbrush students. For me he is now a Leyend.

    • Hello Hugo, My name is Adam Ochoa. I am a great close friend to Jaime here in phoenix, I was a business mentor for him. I would Love to have a copy of the Tear that you paint for Jaime … so I can share with his children.

      I am still in SHOCK as I sit here and cry as I read all these beautiful thing about my Brother. I am a little pissed at my Jaime for leaving us so soon. Anyway, please stay in touch and here is my information. I will try my best to keep his Art alive for his legacy and his children.
      Google: inventor adam ochoa

      Adam Ochoa
      1375 N miller Rd.
      Tempe, Az 85281

  20. Mr. Gold Leon MExico says:

    Triste noticia,

    Porque muere la gente buena, la que regala cosas bellas a este mundo?
    Ahora le tocó marcharse a Jaime Rodriguez, pero nos deja lo mejor de él: su arte. Fuente de inspiración para muchos de nosotros, en todas partes del mundo. Gracias Jaime por enseñarnos que no todo esta hecho y podemos crear cosas bellas mediante la imaginacion. “Pintaré una lagrima por tí”.

    R.I.P. JAIME

  21. One of the best airbrush artist in the airbrush industry I have ever seen. You will be missed but never forgotten. RIP JAIME

  22. David Barba says:

    Jaime was my friend , I worked the az state fair with Jaime , Barmitzfa parties airbrushing , helping him at his mall location , and always blown away by his Talent n love for God , and his family . He was my friend and mentor I still can’t believe he’s gone .

  23. Jaimefoí um artista daqueles que aparecem em cada 100 anos! na face da terra ,sua paixão pela sua arte e vontade de compartilhar com todos aquilo que ele refinava,e desenvolvia em materia da arte do airbrush.Nos fazia pensar que era muito fácil pintar no seu new style uma perda irreparavel de um artista excepcional a forma como fazia seus videos, nos fazia pensar que o conheciamos ! realmente um grande cara! com muita vontade de ver todos os que usam um airbrush se desenvolverem . Tivemos a grande e impagavel oportunidade de ver JAIME RODRIGUEZ aqui do brazil usando como um magico seu aerografo. Minhas sinceras condolencias a toda sua famila esposa filhas e parentes aqui do BRASIL NÓS ARTISTAS DO AEROGRAFO JÁ SENTIMOS A FALTA DESTE GRANDE HERMANO QUE SE FUE.

  24. Anonymous says:

    His suicide shouldn’t be forbidden to talk about. To me it seems he didn’t care what people thought about it, suicide is a very selfish act and its premeditated. I think the main thing is to bring it out in the open and show how stressful life as a professional artist really is.
    With talent, owning your own business, and trying to make people happy day to day is stressful and down right impossible. As an artist there is always a certain level of expectation that’s expected of you. And no one can ever meet that level of expectation every single day of there life.
    No one knows what drove him to the edge. Through history artists have it the worst at times. Stories of the great masters of oil painting are bad enough to send shivers down your spine. Throwing things in the closet and hiding details about someone that i myself considered a friend in my opinion is wrong. People that had relationship with him should know whats going on, a cover up only makes things look shady and distorted. I understand about the privacy of his family and why they might might want to hide the facts. But in reality there just delaying the truth from coming out.
    I would tell people what was going on in his last day, what where the warning signs ? why ? They may even save a life. Most of us are all artists here and have been in situations were things get asked of us and we get nervous almost claustrophobic at the stress of finishing a project for a customer or doing a piece of art that you struggle through or just nervous thinking if your even good enough to do whats asked of you.
    Making people happy is hard , sometimes its more important to make sure your making yourself happy before others, self gratification is very important in an artist and self esteem. Without confidence you will never push yourself or believe in yourself to the point of exploring new ideas and making them work for you. Ill miss Jaime and these where his last words he posted on facebook.

    Jaime Rodriguez
    Thanks to all I love!
    My family and friends your awesome!
    And my supporters!
    Thanks for the continual support!
    With love ! Jaime!

    God bless and my heart goes out to his family and children.

    • Kristel pimentel (Jamie's cousin ) says:

      This is his cousin. I was like a sister and it kills me that u wanna put my family on blast like this. Have some fan respect and keep ur f___in opinion to ur self. Please delete post

  25. Airbrush Action says:

    Dear Mr. Anonymous, out of respect to Jaime’s grieving family, perhaps the details surrounding his death, of which you know little to nothing about, should remain private just as you wish to keep your identity a secret.

  26. Thanks anonymous,
    I believe what you say is true. Also, the pressures of always pushing oneself to new heights. Never thought it would end that way though.
    A little angry at the whole thing actually.

  27. Ray Siqueiros says:

    Out of basic human decency and respect for the family of one of our true greats in our industry, I think we should refrain at this time from discussing the details of Jaime’s passing. The sad truth of it all is that we’ve lost someone truly special and unique; a quality person and a talent that comes around perhaps once in a generation. I am just getting over the shock of it all. Jaime was my friend. Jaime was my mentor. Jaime was our brother. Most of all he was an inspiration to me as to what a great artist should be not only in regards to his craft, but also as a human being and the respect and kindness he showed to myself and others. My deepest, most heartfelt prayers go to all his loved ones at this most difficult of times.

  28. Magoo Uno Active Airbrush CA. says:

    Speechless!!… All I can say is God Bless his lovely Family… Hope the best for them to get through all this pain and suffering as smooth as possible….R.I.P JAIME …

  29. R.I.P didnt know ya but your work and videos were out of this world.We will all miss ya in this airbrush world……

  30. After reading the above posts, I feel compelled to say a bit more about Jaime and this incredible loss. Seems it’s been heavy – very heavy on my mind since I first heard of it from a fellow airbrush artist. Even while blasting paint this weekend at a flea market booth, after hearing the news, my guns jammed, my lines were forced, and paint seemed hesitant about freeing itself from the tips.

    Again, I did not know Jaime. What I knew of him came from his videos and what I discerned from viewing his art. Yet, one that seemed to have had such a sense of self, of confidence, and worth; to meet an end like that which is mentioned simply tears at my gut and inner soul. We – are all related; all connected. Perhaps that’s why I’m so troubled by this tragedy.

    I, like others I’m sure, would like to know some details of Jaime’s passing – someday perhaps when time has healed wounds enough for discussion. We grieve now for his family and especially his children. And we grieve for the great loss of talent. But all you airbrush artists – and artists alike, realize that when we lose one, we lose a part of a greater whole. The emptiness begs for questions. When I heard about this young man so talented losing at life so young, the revelations above were among my suspicions. However, I’d sincerely hoped otherwise…

    Artists – all of us, are desperate. These are the worst of times. In many ways and for many reasons. Nobody talks about artists and their jobs in our economy. Full time art has always been the laugh of the dorm rooms. But it’s not our fault. We’re driven. We cannot help it. We HAVE to make art. It’s not a choice. It’s our sanity; our sanctity. We search to create and create to search. But if a painter paints in the forest and no one is there to purchase the painting…has the artist really painted? Politicians and big business could care less if an airbrush artist can afford $4000 dollars per month to be in a mall serving up 50% less customers than 10 years who themselves can afford little in extra spending after filling a tank at nearly $4.00 per gallon. Do we matter??? Will traditional art lose the battle to the mouse click and the keyboard punch? Will rehashed pixels, photo shopped pics, and full front and back screen printed 9 color designs with foil T-Shirts imported from China for $9 each be the undoing of our industry? We’ve lost so many industry’s already – from hand letterers and glass guilders to window splashers and pin stripers. Why can’t America realize that traditional art and those who would produce and procure it, need the support and commitment of state, local, and federal dollars.

    The focus is on technology, building roads, mining coal, finding new and better methods to kill, and reality television. The latest gadget, the newest software, the housing bubble, the newest auto factory. Art is now – as was then, always never the conversation. But in our country it’s often forgotten that 1 of every 4 jobs is managed by a CREATIVE person in a CREATIVE capacity. Technology is killing traditional arts, and in turn perhaps, the traditional artist. I’m selling awesome airbrushed t-shirt designs for less now than I was in the 80′s.

    The post above about the stresses of running a business is RIGHT ON! Meeting the bills, the overhead of your operation, getting others to believe in you so you can morph to original ideas rather than what others want you to do, affording health and other insurances, the high cost of supplies, finding markets, being your own lawyer, creative director, and self promotion and marketing, and then finding time enough to be father, husband, brother, son, and somehow manage to fit artist in there, demands a huge amount of sacrifice. It’s an undertaking few understand. Stresses few know as we might. The “full time” artist is an endangered species. In my 50 years I’ve seen Airbrushing go from something which was fairly common and in demand by freehand crazy’s like myself who never got rich but earned a decent living, to something now which is a novelty at best that resides as glitz features in glossy magazines. Perhaps we need to organize and speak with a common voice to the world to let more know that we matter, we hurt, we feel, we have needs, and we don’t all want to end up with sun tan booths or temporary tattoo stencils.

    I think a conversation needs to unfold within our Airbrush industry in a manner which does not “gloss over” our labors and efforts with short quips, quick designs, the latest stencil, or pandering’s to new advertisers. Perhaps something noble will be the result of the tragedy of Jaime’s passing. Perhaps his pain is a reflection of us all; we could – should use this as an opportunity come together to make a positive out of a negative.

    Jaime’s death should not be in vain.

    • There is an humanity in freehand airbrush ( especially in JRod’s works ) that no machine can ever come close to…That’s the power of true custom Art and Jaime is now it’s “prophet” .
      I like your concern for Jaime & our profession , thanks Timm
      Tim (a new airbrush Artist)

  31. Stacia Lawrence says:
    • Kristel pimentel (Jamie's cousin ) says:

      Stacia please mind ur buisness and respect my family. It is non of ur concern or buisness to post his funeral info. Good thing that info isn’t correct. We figured idiots like u would post this shit.

  32. Kristel pimentel (Jamie's cousin ) says:

    So sick of people in my families buisness . My family is going through so much right now the last thing we wanna see and read is all the negative and what people assume happened. When his wife is ready she will post an online statement explaining what happened. For now please respect our wishes . This is a time to reflect on all the positive and all the fun times we had.

    • Great loss to the airbrush art world,been in the business for 30 years and yet to see such great talent as him, and a great person from your remarks you did not come from the same mold, reflect on positives not negatives, god bless all

  33. Jason Henry says:

    I agree that we need to focus on the positive aspects that he brought to our community. He was such an incredible person and artist. He will truly be missed.

  34. Kristel: With all due respect –

    Speaking third person here, but I don’t think anyone has intentionally posted negativities. We’re simply trying to make sense of something which makes no sense at all. Jaime elected to promote himself using the tools of social media and technology. As such, he touched a great many people in various ways. He gained a following and a fan base. That was his decision. Again, I did not know him personally, yet I too was moved by his mild mannerisms, superb styling, and easy going nature. But given the persona we were able to understand via his posts, and only speaking for myself, we were moved to ask more of ourselves and perhaps more from Jaime. Jaime’s fans, colleagues, and followers are feeling the emptiness of the tragedy. It’s a fact of society – the social creatures we are, that we too are able to quantify what happened.

    Airbrush artists are a fairly close knit group. The newbies and young ones of today reach out in methods we never had available. It is ONLY with the greatest respect, admiration, and sympathy for his family that inquiries and posts appear. Our condolences are sincere; same as our pain and emptiness for this young man. I posted information on my Facebook page about donations via what was placed on Jaime’s wall. If this is incorrect, please post the correct information so that we can make sure those that want to help do so correctly….

    • Pssst…

      If I SEE ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT JAIME or this situation, I and many others will take it PERSONALLY! Please be RESPECTFUL, or else you may have to tangle with a bunch of PISSED OFF OLD AIRBRUSH ARTISTS…and I don’t think anyone wants to do that…

  35. A truely great artist, friend to many, father and husband has been lost, nothing else needs to be diagnosed..

    Condolences and prayers go out to his family and loved ones..

  36. Anonymous says:


    first, I’m sorry for the loss of Jaime. I’m sorry that he made the decision and choice to do what he did. It was a decision that affects everyone who knew him, believe it, or not. It saddens me that there are people who won’t talk about it for what it is. Seeing how this tragedy has affected you, and his wife and children is heart breaking, but also a great lesson into the REAL consequences of making this decision.

    As a survivor of PTSD, I have contemplated taking my own life. It’s hard to see how it affects others when you’re in the midst of the pain. I have a much more profound respect for how this decision can affect many, on many differing levels.

    The few times I met Jaime, I liked him. I was looking forward to seeing him again soon to do some other work for me because I liked him. And I loved the work he did. He was clearly very talented. But more than that, he was a great guy, and even as someone who barely knew him, his decision affected me. We’re all going to deal with this differently. It’s not prying. It’s not digging. It’s not putting your family on blast. It’s dealing with the pain of losing someone we knew to a horrific tragedy that was completely preventable, wondering if there was ANYTHING that we could have done to prevent it.

    Thanks for reading.

    My condolences.

    • Anonymous – with all do respect;

      The sentence about “completely preventable” is out of line and factually incorrect. Besides, it worsens a situation already unbearable for those dealing with this tragedy. IF anything could have been done to prevent such a tragedy, I’m sure it would have been worked on. Speculations on your part are really immaterial. Take it from someone who knows, sometimes nothing can prevent such things. Nothing…

  37. I knew jaime unfortunately only from his videos still it made me deeply in my heart taken that he is gone from us.
    my thoughts are with his wife and their children.
    rest in peace

    Nemo from berlin-germany

  38. Anonymous says:


    I was looking at “completely avoidable” from my perspective. I’ve come to discover that despite my pain and suffering at the time, it would pass. There were people around me who helped me navigate the situation, and get through it. Had I made the decision to take my life at that point, it would have been completely avoidable, because today, as I look back on the situation I would have hated to have not been in a place to experience all of the wonderful things that I have since that time. Sorry to create any confusion.

    I can relate to you saying that if there was anything that could have been done, it would have been done. Sometimes we aren’t given the knowledge of what is going on in someone’s mind. In my situation, I told nobody. I lived alone. The thing that kept me from taking my own life? My dog. True story. I was worried about what was going to happen to her. Everybody would have been left with the same questions. I can’t imagine anyone saying, “It makes perfect sense why “Anonymous” took his life.” even though everyone who knew me knew that I was wracked with PTSD.

    This is the first time I’ve ever put this on “paper”, so to speak. I appreciate that I can post this anonymously, as even today I struggle with the idea that anyone other than my immediate family know about what was going with me at the time.

    I may have mispoke, and I’m sorry for any confusion. Know that this situation with Jaime is the first time I’ve had to look at what affect MY decisions may have had on others. And it’s something we’re all dealing with differently.

  39. Elizabeth Rodriguez Gomez says:

    I am Jaime’s Mom. I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support to our family, and especially to his Wife Crystal and their children. We are all in shock and mouring the loss of my Son Jaime. I know this is difficult for all of us and hard to comprehend the sudden loss of my Son. But for now let’s focus on not the why’s as they will come out later but the positve. After reading all the comments I can see how much of a impact Jaime made on everyone lives. I want us all to remember the positive aspects of his life and how he lived. For those of you who did or didn’t know him Jaime is a kind, gentle and loving Father and Husand. Jaime is now with GOD in Heaven and watching over all of us. Thank you so much for your positive comments, it gives me such comfort and strength knowing he was loved by so many people. Thank you to my family and friends who have been here for me through this difficult time. Through your prayers and love I have found strength and peace and know that Jaime is in a better place and one day I will be there with him. To my family, friends and Jaime’s Supporters I love you all……

    • Ed Hanrahan (Pappy) says:

      Mrs Gomez, you have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your son. I spoke to Jamie many times on the phone but never had the pleasure of meeting him. I am a disabled vet and he was my inspiration to start airbrushing. He always took the time to give me advice on how to improve no matter what he was doing at the time. He was a great artist and more than that a good man. No matter what happens always remember that and keep the memories that he gave you close to tor heart. Tell the rest of his family for me how sorry I was to hear of his passing. He will be truly missed by thousands of people. I had the upmost respect for him and consider him a friend and brother. Once again my heart felt sympothy to you and your family.

  40. Sergio Terrazas says:

    Depression is a Dark lonely place. I have only spoken to a professional before I decided to write about it in a public forum. We “mask” our sadness. We don’t want to hurt anyone around us. We don’t want anyone to know we have this illness. We think we’ll get past it, on our own without anyone ever finding out. I can only write about my experience in hoping someone out there can relate to it and not do any harm to themselves. There is hope and there is help out there. I reached out to a Hotline and I’m here today because of it. I spoke to Jaime only one time, he sure made it seem like I knew him forever. He was a true inspiration to me, and my goals in this business. May he be blessed and his family should be proud of his accomplishments as a person. He made a believer out of me. RIP Jaime You’ll never be forgotten. There’s a festival in Heaven and Jamie is doing some t-shirts right now.

  41. I started airbrush 1 year ago!. When I got the first Jaime´s video on youtube I got really really amazed, the way this guy made look airbrushing so easy! the letterings and fine details; there is no doubt, Jaime had a blessed gift and himself was a gift for all of us. All my respect

    Thank you Jaime for sharing your wonderful and magic talent with the whole world…R.I.P.

  42. Dear Elizabeth Rodriguez Gomez,

    I hurt for you. It must have tickled you inside to see the masterpieces of work your son did. I want to thank you for allowing him to follow his dream and do the artwork that he felt inside! Regardless of how he passed, I believe he was living his dream(an artist). Broke or Rich, if you are doing what you love, you are happy.

    He is the reason I started airbrushing. His work inspired me to go from sketching to airbrushing. I look at his work still and am in awe from the sheer detail and time that was invested. People dont realize how much time Jaime took to make these pieces and teach himself techniques. Heck I still dont realize the amount of soul he put in his work.

    He is my “Michael Jordan” of airbrushing.. I am striving to “Be like Jaime”

    Thank you.

  43. jaime moreno says:

    Jaime kicked ass in airbrushing…Michael jordan is known to be the best at his game.jaime will always be known to be the best at his game (airbrushing)…R.I.P my friend

  44. nathan rodriguez says:

    jaime was my cuzin and also i great plz if you dont know all the information or details plz keep ur simple thoughts to urself…jaime was one of the greatest airbrushers to walk this earth all i ask is to plz show love and support to his family…if u have something negative to say keep it to urself…thanks and r.i.p to the greatest air brusher in the world jaime rodriguez

  45. Jaime Rodriguez’s sudden passing is a shock to us all especially those of us who know of him in the airbrush community. Jaime was triple “A” (an Awesome Airbrush Artist) in general, but what really stood out to me out of his vast arsenal of work was his incredible “lettering” skills. This guy was “immaculate” with the airbrush when it came to his letter style! How many artists are capable of doing script (or any style, for that matter) letters forward and backward as fast as he could! Not many artists have the finnesse that he had when it came down to it. Although I have just become familiar with him and his body of work via his PureJaime (youtube) channel for a little over three years now, I would like to send my deepest condolences out to his mother, wife, children, and other family members. Continue to be strong because I know how hard it is to lose someone dear to you so suddenly and it is never easy for a parent to see their children leave this Earth before them. To myself and other fellow artists, stay on your grind and make sure to create your history, everyday

  46. Scott Loguidice says:

    Having watched Jaimies videos countless times on Youtube in amazement of how fast and effortless he was able to make airbrushing look. I felt very fortunate to have Jaimie available to me at the click of a button to guide me in my airbrushing . I will miss all of that but I will never forget his wanting to teach and pass on what he knew. As a father of 2 young children myself my heart goes out to Jaimies family. GOD BLESS

  47. I was literally watching his AB vids on YouTube when I heard of his untimely passing. Thoughts and prayers are with family, friends, and the community.

    Let us not mourn the passing of this great artist, but celebrate his life, and try to live up to the awesome artwork he took time out of his life to teach us about.

  48. michael guerrero says:

    oh my god I can’t believe what I’m hearing , I’m not on the internet as much as I should be I guess. I’m.
    Was just looking to see if jaimie had posted anything new .I had seen him in september he turned me on to his brand of black paint ,so I could practice as I was walking away he said oh hay I have a dvd out ,do you have it . I said no I watch you on utube. He gave me a quirky look and I said ok I’ll Take one bro so he started looking for a dvd and my wife walks up and says oh! Hay its the airbrush guy and she started asking about the store. He chatted with us for a lil while as he was finishing up a softball helmet !! Damn I’m gonna. Miss that vato his videos will always inspire me.the worst part about it I live in phx. And barely hearing of this to jaimies familia godbless you guys and jaimie

  49. ash langner says:

    a tragic loss and such a massive tallent .if you realy study Jamies work you will see a depth and detail you dont see often .Bless you and thanks for sharing your airbrush art in your videos .our thoughts are with your wife and children .

  50. The best thing we can do to honor Jamie’s memory is to attempt to carry own his phenomenal artist styling!
    As a follow artist this is exactly what I plan to do!

  51. muy tarde me estoy dando cuenta de esta tragedia…el es uno de mis mas grandes anonimos maestros que he tenido a lo largo de mi vida de autodidacta,,,en este eterno camino del arte…no fue posible evitar llorar…descanse en paz este joven y brillante ser humano:jaime rodriguez..te seguire como siempre en tus videos que nos heredaste….senora elizabeth y esposa …mis mas sinceras condolencias…

  52. y por supuesto a sus bebes que todavia no comprenden el porque de las cosas…esten siempre satisfechos con la memoria de su padre…el mejor.que Dios los bendiga…

  53. Sungwon Han says:

    I came to watch his great videos on youtube recently, and I was shocked as soon as I read comments.
    His artwork is truly amazing. He was a great artist and will be missed dearly. R.I.P Jamie.

  54. One would think having a great talent would be enough to sustain one in even the worst of times. Alas, airbrushing talent was probably the last thing on his mind his last day.

  55. fredythemyth says:

    chale… que triste. en realidad nunca te conosi mas que atrabes de youtube y desde el primer video que bi tuyo pude ber que eras una gran persona atrabes de tus ojos.. hoy casi 7 meses despues de tu adios te busque para que me dieras un poco de inspirasion y yore my guts out al darme kuenta… beo que muchos no estan deauerdo con anonimo pero tiene mucha rason asi tan dolorosa que sea… todos el algun momento piensan en la salida, algunos la contemplan y otros la toman al igual que otros la olbidan. hey yo lo ise por lo menos 3 beses…me gustaria desir muchas cosas pero nunca fui muy bueno en espresarme…jaime …………………………………………………….

    Crystal andrea and davian in my mind and prayer you are!

  56. Buckshot says:

    Does anyone know if I can purchase any of Jamie’s work?


    • Airbrush Action says:

      We’re working on something right now that would make some of Jaime’s work available, so stay tuned here, our FB page, and through Airbrush Action magazine.

  57. Jst wanted to say that im gonna miss my good friend Jaime and he was always helpful to me in discussing Airbrush Art, Graffiti Art, and Tattoo Art. To his Wife, Children, ad Family, my prayers are with you. Miss you Jaime and i kmow youre probably doing top of the line Painting and Graphics for the lord Jesus now. Thank you for the good talks and great times at the mall and the State Fair, Youll always be number one in my book homie. Peace.

  58. Elizabeth Rodriguez Gomez says:

    Happy Birthday Jaime! *05-17-1980* The day I gave birth to Jaime the most beautiful baby, So precious a gift from Heaven. We all love and miss you so…much! Today your family and I will be getting together at the cematary to honor “YOU” the amazing person you were! I have to thank GOD for giving me 32 precious years with you. I’m sure by now with your artistic talents you have the Heavens surrounded with vibrant and beautiful colors…:) I am surrounded by memories of you everywhere I turn. Crystal and your babies are so beautiful and doing well. They are surrouned by so much love and support. Keep watching over us from Heaven. Love you so much! May your legacy continue to inspire many, Love Mom.

  59. Andrew"LordFroggy"Jacques says:

    I’m 67 and retired, bought a vintage motorcycle and found out I could not afford to have a Pro airbrush artist lay a skull themed paint job. Looked on UTube and that’s when Jaime Rodriguez came into my life. That was September 2012. I was thought how to airbrush skulls. I watched all of his video, practiced as he kept on telling his viewers. Just today I learnt of his death, I was devastated. To his mother, wife, children and family my deepest of condolences. Because of Jaime my bike was done, and I do other bike owners and have my own shop. My specialties are skulls and realistic flames, he .was a creative airbrush genius, the best of the best, a true artist in every sense, the Master of airbrushing. In a sense he became my mentor. The airbrushing industry has lost a true artist, it will create a void which will never be filled. Jaime thank you for teaching myself and many others, rest in peace.

  60. I am shocked. i am new to airbrushing. I watch his videos on youtube over and over. I want to say sorry to his family. May God Bless you. and Jaime Rest in Peace.

  61. Mario Ayala says:

    I met Jaime around 13 years ago, we both worked at Chris Town Mall. I am sad to say we eventually lost touch throughout the years. I was looking to get back in touch with him when found out that he had passed away. My heart goes out to his Family, Wife, Children and Loved ones. Jaime and I became good friends as teenagers, he helped mold me into the person that I am today. I recall one day Jaime approached me and asked if I would like to have the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior. I said yes not thinking much about it, but my life thanks to him was never the same. He helped me pick out my first Bible and took me on journeys every Sunday to find a respectable Church to attend. Everyone knows that Jaime was a great artist hands down. I would like everyone to know that he was an even greater Friend. I thank God for putting you in my life Jaime. Until we met again.
    Mario Ayala

  62. Elizabeth Rodriguez Gomez says:

    In memory of my Loving Son Jaime Rodriguez Airbrush Artist, it has been 1 year today since you went (August 12, 2012) you went to be with the Lord. I I miss you so, so much my Son…Today and everyday we remember the beautiful memories that are instilled in our minds and hearts we shared with you. Thank you for making me so proud of who you were as a person and the passion you had for your family and friends.
    You are not forgotten and always in our hearts! I want to thank all his supporters who continue to comment on his videos, your kind words bring peace to my heart. Jaime’s passion was the love of his Art and to teach and inspire others…May you continue to learn and grow from the Legacy he left behind. Love Jaime’s Mom 08/12/13 Jaime Rest in Peach with the Lord.

  63. Frank Moya says:

    R.I.P Jaime Rodriguez. Thank you and bless you Mrs Rodriguez for bringing Jaime into our lives, he’s in my daily life inspiring me to develop my art skills farther than I ever would have without his guiding. in fact he is the reason why i love and got into airbrushing i always knew how to draw but the way i discovered your son was because i make masks and i was looking for an airbrush so some how i ended up on the Badger website and Jaime is on the main page his video started playing and right away i was very intrigued and mesmerized and blown away and filled with energy as i watched him create that beautiful ocean painting and it is my fav piece so i looked him up on youtube and started watching more of his amazing painting and when i googled him to look for more info i could not believe what i started to read i just said no no no oh my God and man i just started crying as if i knew him very well i just felt as if we were connected like family. I will always have a great big place for him in my heart and in my life he truly changed my life by touching it with pure unbelievable art I’m still learning a lot and I need to get my hands on his DVDs soon only it seems their not available at the moment, I am very sad crying as I write this but I’m full of positive energy to continue his airbrushing style, I feel for you and your family and friends I’m sorry for your tragic loos we lost him too and my love goes out to you and his wife and kids and the rest of the entire family Mrs Rodriguez may your son be up there with God and Jesus making beautiful art for ever.

  64. Roman Palomares says:

    I’ve airbrushed for 20 yrs now and recently came to know Jaime’s videos on YouTube. I started following in 2011 and enjoyed watching him work. A lot of the times I just watched him to get re-inspired and not quit I love doing. I was unable to obtain a copy of his video and would like to know how to get one. He would be a great daily inspiration to continue my work.
    I will greatly miss him. May GOD continue to bless his family.

  65. Hey there , i ve seen a clip on YouTube of jamie i gave him a thumb up before learning he committed suicide , why someone with such abilities had to commit suicide? Maybe only if he got terminally ill i would understand his gesture…its sad because as long we breathe this is the only time when we are self conscience on this planet… after we pass away contrary to most people believes we don t get anywhere . Its embarrassing seeing the religious freaks putting him in heavens and with gods and angels singing on harps :)) . We all gonna die sooner or later .

  66. Paul Lobato says:

    ‘IN LOVING MEMORY OF JAIME RODRIGUEZ’… I did not no Jaime personally…Just from his videos…To me he was and still is one of the best Airbrush artist out there..Im getting more and more into Airbrushing now more than ever… I’ve tried Airbrushing years ago but took a bad turn in my life by Partying drinking doing drugs for over 15 years…And when I decided to change my life i wanted to get back into Art… So i discovered looking on Youtube so i could get more ambition and ideas about Airbrushing and came across Jaime Rodriguez and was amazed by his talent of Airbrushing…I could not believe his script writing…And i’ve always been a BIG fan of letters and script,tag, & graffiti..And now a BIG fan of Jaime Rodriguez…So just by watching Jaime’s Videos and the information he gives you it makes me have more ambition to keep going…I wished i would of had the chance to meet him… Someday in Heaven i will and he could give me some good tips like he did to many others here on earth…Because i’ve heard Once a Great Artist Always a Great Artist even in Eternity… Jaime’s Art will live on and his memory of the Great person that i’ve heard so much about… My Condolence to Jaime’s Mother Elizabeth, His Wife Crystal and their Children. And all his family… God Bless You All…May you Rest In Peace… And Paint in Paradise Jaime…!!!

  67. Its very sad to hear he is gone. Watching all the videos he made almost makes you feel like he is an actual friend. It tears at my heart, yet I do not know him at all. But from what I took from his videos, he was a true airbrush genius and it saddens me to know they have come to a end. God had a plan, Jaime shared a god given gift to the world. He is a true beacon of light in the art world, and he allowed his light to shine on our hearts. You will be missed!

  68. i love you daddy and i miss u remember that im always thinking of you

  69. I am very sorry to hear that jaime is gone. I did not know him, although I was planning a trip just so I could see him work. It saddens me that I missed out. As for his family, I am truely sorry for your loss. Unfortunately I know how it feels to lose a loved one so young and soon. I hope one day the pain will ease untill then our hearts and love is with you even if we have never met. As for how he is gone I two believe it is not anyones place to judge. Things just happen and no matter how they happen if god doesnt want or need you at the timeyou will not go. I just hope he knew how much love he had and how much inspiration he gave in such a short time..

  70. Elizabeth Rodriguez Gomez says:

    Please continue to post your inspirational messages, it gives me peace to know how Jaime made such an impact in your life. On August 17th it will be 2 years since Jaime went to be with the Lord. We miss him so very much, but know that GOD has him painting the Heavens above….In earlier posts I stated Jaime passed on Aug. 12th, I don’t know what my fingers were thinking when I was tying that date… so very sorry for the typo. Jaime passed on 08/17/12.
    A special message to my baby…
    When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure, We were blessed of having Jaime my Son in our lives and for this we give thanks to God everyday. Sunset 08/17/12
    Love Mom.

  71. El Senor Laster says:

    Just felt the urge to watch some airbrush videos of Jaime without even realizing it was almost another year since he left us. I can go on and on about what a gift he was to this world, but I will keep it short and just thank him again for changing my life and for being so unselfish with his teachings. A whole week doesn’t pass without me thinking about him, I truly, truly miss him. :( God bless his family

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