Rodriguez Gallery: Industry Still Mourns the Loss of One of its Masters

Shirt display
Rodriguez could perform magic on any surface!
Jaime Rodriguez was a gifted designer also.
An array of Rodriguez designs

The airbrush community is still reeling from the death of airbrush luminary Jaime Rodriguez this past Friday night.  I’ve known Jaime for years, and he was always a gentleman and exhibited a poise and a vision not commonly seen in someone so young.  To further memorialize Jaime, I thought I’d share some images of his work courtesy of Ken Schlottfeldt, owner of Badger Air Brush.


Rodriguez’s lettering style was superb.






  1. I felt the blood rush out of me when I found out that this truly gifted young man passed on. I’m so extremely sad. I wish I could have met him. Not just because he was a great artist, but because of his positive attitude. The words that issued forth from him was truth. May God bless you and your family.

  2. frank perez says:

    I was saddened by his passing, I would have loved to meet and sprayed with him, he was very influential in my airbrushing, I could watch him paint all day, and he spoke eloquently with knowledge of his trade, a legend for sure….. Many blessings to Jamie as he meets the creator, and to his wife and children, be proud of your daddy kids he was a great man….

  3. its hard to push yourself and be creative and have to deal with the day to day stresses of running a buisness and look alfter a family ,pushing yourself to show others what you can do to be noticed ,but somtimes you have to take a step back and rest from it for a while and this can be the problem somtimes knowing when to take a break and not worrying about the bills ect .Jamie rodriguez was at the top of his field ,but when you are the artist you only see the faults in what you do .you dont see the wow factor that everybody else see,s this is a dark place somtimes .well jamie theres people out there that saw the wow factor in your work ,the highlights ,reflective light ,cast shadows ,rules of color mixing ,line weight that was in everything you did ,but then to share it on the internet in videos ,know this there are people all over the world that have studied jamie rodriguez,s and i dont mean letters or fonts i mean his art ,his dragon picture ,his scateboard with the winged heart on it and all the other tecnical layerd work that he has done .a true creative artist that built his art in layers .thank you jamie .

  4. Elizabeth Rodriguez Gomez says:

    Thank you all for your love and support. Jaime was a beautiful person with a heart of Gold. We miss him so much and cherish the Memories he left us with. God now has him now painting the Heavens above. Please continue to post any positive comments as this is so much appreciated. Love his Mom.

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