Free Canadian Thanksgiving Day Dinner at the Airbrush Getaway

In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving Day (Jour de l’Action de grâce), Airbrush Action will sponsor a free turkey dinner to all Canadian attendees, Tuesday, October 9.  Usually, I’m pretty careful to avoid Holidays and special occasions (Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc) when scheduling an Airbrush Getaway,  but somehow I missed Canadian Thanksgiving. Call 732-223-7878 by September 20th to reserve your seat.  I’ve always been super appreciative of the support of our Canadian clientele.

For further information about the Airbrush Getaway go to





  1. c00Lmillion says:

    Wow this is such a great website. I am new to Airbrushing but having the time of life airbrushing I am like a kid in a candy store your site has been like my oasis for great easy to absorb and understand info on the web so a big EH! EH! you know us Canooks talk funny too EH well maybe not all of us here in the Great White north of Canada say Eh at the end of each sentence EH! Well I saw you guys are having a Canadian Thanks Giving freaking flying way above the average folks at Airbrush Action
    Have a great Thanksgiving enjoy the turkey EH!!!!
    c00L Million

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