Airbrush Action’s September-October Issue a Blockbuster!

The September-October Airbrush Action boasts exciting and extended content that adds up to one of the best issues we’ve ever done.  Available in less than two weeks–the digital editions (iPad, Airbrush Action digital) sooner–the issue will feature the following:

The Urban Art of Leon Rainbow 

A Demo of Artool’s New Killer Grunge F/X for creating alien skin, bone texture, acid-eaten surfaces, certain wood textures, aged aluminum, imitation galvanized steel, alien skin patterns, detailed flower patterns, pitted skin, pores, zombie flesh, cool camo patterns, and more, this stuff is, well, killer!

Rhianna’s Power Portrait  Instense Step-by-Step by Javier Soto. To learn the process in its entirety the 3 1/2-hour, 2-disc DVD set is available in 2 weeks.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012 Pictorial

Johannes Wessmark: Photorealist European Art Sensation

1973 Corvette Stingray on a T-Shirt  By Luc Boivin

2013 PAINT BUYER’S GUIDE.  By popular demand, this is text only with the charts on display at

Weathered Signage  By John Hannukaine.  The weathered anything is trending strong.

And much more!




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