A Message From Jaime Rodriguez’s Mother.

I am Jaime’s Mom. I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support to our family, and especially to his Wife Crystal and their children. We are all in shock and mourning the loss of my Son Jaime. I know this is difficult for all of us and hard to comprehend the sudden loss of my Son. But for now let’s focus on not the why’s as they will come out later but the positve. After reading all the comments I can see how much of a impact Jaime made on everyone lives. I want us all to remember the positive aspects of his life and how he lived. For those of you who did or didn’t know him Jaime is a kind, gentle and loving Father and Husand. Jaime is now with GOD in Heaven and watching over all of us. Thank you so much for your positive comments, it gives me such comfort  and strength knowing he was loved by so many people. Thank you to my family and friends who have been here for me through this difficult time. Through your prayers and love I have found strength and peace and know that Jaime is in a better place and one day I will be there with him. To my family, friends and Jaime’s Supporters I love you all……





  1. Ryan Nowak says:

    Mama Rodriguez,

    I went to the Arizona Mills mall last night at 9pm to meet up with your son. I had been there last Wednesday to talk to him about his future projects, especially his collaboration with Todd McFarlane, his future promotions, etc. You see, your son was a mentor of mine. He had given a good chunk hours to teaching me how to become an artist. And I was trying to repay that debt using the skills of my trade ( helping him edit the video he had filmed at Todd McFarlane’s house and other web development items ).

    But last night as I approached the area where his booth should have been I became confused and disoriented. It was not there. It was ALWAYS there. I thought to myself that I must be in the wrong part of the mall because Jamie was ALWAYS there, making art for the thousands of passerbys. I stood there looking at the spot where Jaime’s booth should be for what seemed like 5 minutes in my head when another vendor walked over and told me of news that I did not want to hear…that I did not want to believe. Jamie was supposed to be there.

    I want you to know, mama Rodriguez, that you did an amazing job at raising your son. Of all the airbrush artists, that I’ve been able to meet and work with, your son was the most passionate, kind, genuine AND God fearing of them all. I couldn’t believe 2 years ago when I found out that Jaime Rodriguez, world renowned airbrush artist, lived in my back yard ( I live in Tucson ). And from my first drive up there to ask for his mentor-ship in art I knew that he would, and did, become a mentor in not only art but in life. He shamelessly mentored me in how to be an upstanding Christian businessman, friend and father. So thank you for bringing him into this cold and dark world so that he could fill it up with his color; his light…not only on cotton but on our hearts.

    I cannot even begin to know what you and the rest of his family are going through but and I am ashamed at some of the bickering and negativity I have seen this morning on other sites. I believe these people are misguided but truly understood how unique and special your son was to them.

    My family and I will pray for your loss.

    Ryan Nowak

    • Lisa Rodriguez Gomez says:

      Dear Ryan,
      Thank you so much for sharing your personal feelings about Jaime. It takes a special person to let the world know exactly how you felt in that moment. “I” understand exactly how you felt the day you visited the mall, not to find Jaime there. I miss him so much! So I have to be strong and know that one day I will see him again with his arms reaching out to me ready to give me the biggest bear hug ever and eager to show me his amazing paintings in Heaven. I can see him smiling now…:) I love you Jaime! Ryan, cherish the memories you made with Jaime and keep them close to your heart. In regards to the comment about the negativity, and bickering your reading on other sites, truly that really doesn’t matter to me….Jaime was a beautiful person with a genuine heart, he loved everyone who came into his life. Jaime took negativity and always tried to make it positive. A negative person is an unhappy person. Thank you again Ryan and keep us in your prayers. Lisa

  2. Ms. Rodriguez, very beautifully put. My thoughts & prayers go out to you and your family during these VERY difficult times. I didn’t know Jaime but he helped me with my airbrushing and painting through his instructional videos. It is very sad that he was taken from his family, friends and fans at such an early age! I am deeply sorry for your loss. Please find comfort in knowing that Jaime touched many lives!

    • Lisa Rodriguez Gomez says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes. Jaime was taken at a young age, so I have to look at it this way… GOD gave me 32 beautiful years with my Son and many happy memories.Those memories I will keep close to my heart and with many prayers, I will gain strength. I am glad Jaime made an impact in your life. He wanted to share his wealth of knowledge in Art. He was a very giving person…
      Thank you for your prayers.

  3. Santiago Perez says:

    Demos gracias por el regalo de su presencia en este mundo y ya vez que Dios lo USO para su proposito, ensenarnos amor y querernos mas como estamos vendo con today’s las jente demonstrando su pesame. Dios Los guarde y fortelsca. Benediciones.

  4. Jose Aguilera says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard it or didn’t want to. Jaime was a big inspiration for me to start airbrushing, my step father has been airbrushing for the past 10 or 15 years and has been trying to get me into it, but never really had any interest till I seen Jaimes art work. It was so different and more of a style I liked and wanted to learn so I started watching and following him on YouTube and got a lot of airbrush knowledge from his videos. He also inspired me to open a little airbrush stand at our local flea market in Austin tx. Even though im not as good as he was I still reference his videos for some of his incredible techniques and designs. So thanks for everything and my prayers go out to your family and other upcoming artist like my self…. We will miss you.

    • Lisa Rodriguez Gomez says:

      thank you for sharing your story about Jaime giving you the inspiration to pursue your work in Art. Jaime was so talented and felt a need to share his love of Art. I am so happy to hear how he inspired you. Your story gives me much happiness and brings some peace into my heart.
      Thank you, Lisa.

  5. Really so sorry for your loss Maam!
    Just feel a little comforted by the fact that your son, was the best (worldwide) at what he did…
    the kids can indeed be proud of the ministry Jaime has achieved & the fact that their father was so skilled, so admired and requested
    I wish them , you, Krystel & Cristal much strenght & courage for the painful weeks and months to come . He won’t be forgottten , that is for sure
    Best regards & Condoleances from France

  6. Johnathan Leonard says:

    Momma Lisa Rodriguez this is Crystals cousin Johnny. I got to work with Jaime many times and I loved it! Jaime was so loving, caring and truthful. When I first met Jaime in 2001 I said I hope he sticks around. He made eveyone feel very special. Im sorry for your loss sweet moma Lisa, Im praying for you and the rest of our beautiful Family and friends. This hurts so very badly. I know he is a Angel looking down us. after hrs he is helping our Lord with new Artwork. We lost a bestfriend, son, husband cousin and gained a true Angel. I love you Moma Lisa, God Bless you sweet Angel. R.I.P the great Jaime Rodriguez

  7. Jaime era e continuará sendo! pois dificil será bate-lo o melhor freehand airbrush artist in the world eu era colleague in westcoast airbrush forum, Jaime era sempre muito gentil e sempre procurava responder a todos mesmo sabendo todos que ele dispunha de pouco tempo era sempre muito ,gentil e atencioso one good guy .Seu amigo Tom Davison muito bem disse certa vez no wca forum JAIME é um cara que gosta de doar! vemos claramente que pelo seu tom de voz jeito de ensinar que realmente é um artista impar! BASTA VER SEU VIDEOS E VER COMO SÃO FEITOS DE FORMA QUE NEMHUM OUTRO ARTISTA CONSEGUIU! POR ISSO MAMA LISA SEU FILHO JAIME CONTINUARÁ ATRAVÉS DOS SEUS VIDEOS LEMBRADO PRA SEMPRE! E CONTINUARÁ A ENSINAR A ARTE DA AEROGRAFIA EM TODO O MUNDO !.

  8. Mama Lisa eu sou do Brazil Jaime causou como um virtuoso na sua arte um enorme impacto possitivo na vida dos artistas airbrush por aqui quero que fique sabendo que seu filho só acrescentou coisas boas a nossas vidas!

  9. Ken Badger says:

    Mrs. Gomez,

    I so appreciate your words of encouragement in a time of deep pain. No doubt Jaime gained his gracious giving spirit from you. Thank you for sharing your son and his talents with the airbrush community – he gave us more than one could ever know.

    It was a painful honor to carry Jaime to his resting place. I know he is at peace in his heavenly home and all we did was parted with his earthly form to calm our own hearts. As you said he is always with us.

    I hold you in my prayers, may God ease your pain – giving you strength and comfort in its place.

    • Lisa Rodriguez Gomez says:

      Hi Ken,

      Thank you so much for attending Jaimes Funeral. It meant so much to me and Crystal that you be present. This is what Jaime would have wanted. Jaime had so much love and respect for you. Jaime is with the Lord and one day Ken we will see him again. Treasure the memories you had with Jaime and hold them close to your heart for comfort. Ken, thank you so much for your continued support and your prayers. I forgot to mention to you that I went to your business website and viewed the special Memorial Video you created for Jaime, it brought tears to my eyes…. so beautiful just like the person Jaime was and the Art Jaime created. Thank you Ken!

  10. I’m am so sorry to hear of Jaime passing. I’ve known him since he was 17 in High School when he just started airbrushing. I made sure to say high to him every year at the state fair and to see how he was doing. It was quit a shock to hear about this tragedy. He was such a talented individual and the loss of him will leave a huge whole in the art world.

    Bianca Thompson
    The Phoenix Custom Airbrushing

    • Lisa Rodriguez Gomez says:

      Thank you Bianca I appreciate your kind words. Jaime will be missed by many. Jaime is now with the Lord and he is smiling upon us.

  11. Mrs. Rodriguez, My name is Mario A.C. Della Casa, I just now found out today about Jaime, saying I’m sorry just doesn’t seem fitting. You Son is a good man, and I know he loved his entire family very much. He would just light up when he spoke of his family, and I am so saddened to have learned that your son went home to God. But I am glad he in God’s loving Embrace.

    I am the Artist Best known for The Jeannie Bottle from the TV Show “I Dream of Jeannie”, and Your Son Created my Jacket and shirt for the 45th Anniversary Celebration of The TV Show I Dream of Jeannie. Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Bill Daily & Myself we all are HUGE fans of Jaime work, and I will forever hold dear my outfit that your son created for me!

    He was also my friend, and fellow a great Artist, The world has just suffered a great loss. I will keep Jamie and his entire family in my prayers forever!

    God Bless you and watch over you Mrs. Rodriguez.


    • Lisa Rodriguez Gomez says:

      Mario, what an honor it must have been for Jaime to create an outfit for such a talented individual. Thank you for sharing this with me. Jaime was a beautiful person and will be missed by many. He was truly something special in every way…. Jaime did love his family so very much and we all love and respected him just as much. I was so proud of my Son and he knew it…:) Thank you so much for your story of how Jaime impacted your life. Please continue to keep us in your daily prayers. Lisa

  12. donnell cortez says:

    I have tried and tried to get videos. love the work his has done and the few vids i have seen. I’m Crushed to hear of this tragedy and weep as I write this, My deepest condolence to Crystal and her family and to his parents and siblings if any.

    The next time you see a Beautiful sky it was Painted by Jaime Rodriguez.

    • Lisa Rodriguez Gomez says:

      I appreciate your comment. Your prayers are much appreciated at this time, this is what’s getting us through…
      In regards to the beautiful sky. I often look at the stars at night and think of him and when I look at the clouds I think of Jaimes beautiful heavenly creations.
      God bless you too….

  13. shelby adams says:

    I have watched every video Jaime made over and over he was the best not only at art but at making you feel special his spirit was touching . as soon as his video came out i called and ordered from the first phone call he treated me as a friend he had know forever he always made time to talk . his videos was the last thing i would look at each knight before bed on youtube. I d always have to check for his latest if there wasnt one id just watch some of my favorite i hope his family knows he has touch more hearts than many ever will . i am a better person for knowing him

    • Lisa Rodriguez Gomez says:

      Hi Shelby,

      I appreciate your kind words. Yes, I do know that Jaime touched many lives, he was a special person that GOD created. He had a heart of GOLD….
      Thank you ….

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