A Very Cool Plotter Trick From Eddie Davis

To cut stencils on a plotter, Eddie Davis, leading T-shirt airbrush artist from Destin, Florida, sandwiches two pieces of .005 Mylar with the aid of spray adhesive.  The second piece acts as a backing sheet.  He puts that through the plotter with just enough down force (cutting pressure) to cut through the top sheet and only score the bottom, or backing, sheet.  Each plotter’s cutting strength and settings may vary, so experiment until you dial in your machine’s sweet spot.  After cutting, carefully and slowly separate the two sheets and your stencil is ready.  These, and tons of other top pro plotter tips and tricks will be taught at the Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, October 8-12 at the New Tropicana.  For more information go to http://www.airbrushaction.com/airbrush-getaway-workshops





  1. Eddie Davis was NOT the first airbrush artist to use this technique. Mark Rush and Tim Mitchell used this exact technique almost 15 years ago at Big Airbrush.I believe Terry Hill als has used this technique before Eddie Davis. No disrespect to Eddie at all. He is an innovator in his own right. FACT check this if you doubt it. The C02 laser is the new tool for this and much simpler and cuts thicker material in half the time with out any tearing.

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