Plotter Reaction

I received the following response from airbrush great and old friend, Mark Rush:  “Eddie Davis was NOT the first airbrush artist to use this technique. Mark Rush and Tim Mitchell used this exact technique almost 15 years ago at Big Airbrush.I believe Terry Hill also has used this technique before Eddie Davis. No disrespect to Eddie at all. He is an innovator in his own right. FACT check this if you doubt it. The C02 laser is the new tool for this and much simpler and cuts thicker material in half the time with out any tearing.”

First, I’d like to thank Mark for offering his insight. It’s important to note, however, that Eddie was very quick to credit Terry Hill for teaching him this method, and at no time in my previous blog did I state that Davis was the originator.  If anything, I’m to blame for omitting some information in the spirit of keeping my blog posts to a minimum length. If anything, Eddie deserves great credit for sharing his techniques, and for always being there when I need editorial help and ideas.  The very same can be said of Terry Hill and Gary Worthington.

Mark Rush was on the ground floor of the whole Miracle Mile evolution in Ft. Walton Beach/Destin, Florida in the late 1970s and 1980s; a phenom of an airbrush colony of hundreds of terrific T-shirt artists that we’ll unlikley see again. We really need to pick Mark’s brain for vintage and new techniques. Stay tuned.




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