Random Thoughts on the Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Airbrush Getaway, October 8-12. For those of you who plan to attend but haven’t registered yet, there are still seats available for what’s shaping up to be one our best Getaways ever. Here are my random thoughts on some of the classes:

• The new Plotter Mastery with Scott Mackay is superbly run; the students from Disney at the Orlando Getaway, experienced plotter users themselves, were blown away by Mackay’s knowledge and groundbreaking techniques.

• Terry Hill’s Ultimate Airbrush F/X is on fire; it’s the new automotive graphics course with water-based automotive colors.

• Airbrush Mastery has become the Getaway’s flagship course featuring Gary Worthington and Cheryl Vaughan; they’re awesome!

• Dru Blair’s Achieving Photorealism is one of the Airbrush Getaway’s elite training courses offering unparalleled instruction on color theory and, well, achieving photorealistic art.

• Kustom Paint Lab, with Brian Lynch and Armando Serrano, has built a strong buzz as one of the Getaway’s best-kept secrets, teaching top pro spray-gun handling techniques and cutting-edge graphics using kandies, pearls, flakes, striping, and clear-coating.

• Pin-Up Art, conducted by World-class pinup artist Lorenzo Sperlonga, will help you render a professional-caliber portfolio piece in 4 days!!

• Get personal one-on-one instruction from Javier Soto who is trending stronger than any artist. The NEW Power Portraits class is smokin’ hot.

• Automotive greats Jonathan Pantaleon (Automotive Murals on Steel) and reality TV star Ryno (Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X), will conduct their signature courses. They’re super dedicated and ready to share some new information.

• Creating Killer Skulls with Eddie Davis has developed a strong loyal following and continues to evolve as a leading class.

• T-Shirt Lettering Bootcamp, the 1-day hands-on course with Gary Worthington (to date, his DVD of the same name is by far the best ever made), may be the greatest bang for the buck as you’ll learn how to add thousands of dollars to your annual bottom line for only $150!!!

• Dynamic Body Art with Pashur includes Airbrush Tattoos, Body Paint Basics/Biker Event & Nightclub Body Painting, Airbrush Lingerie, and Airbrush Zombie F/X.

• The rest of the lineup includes 5 other one-day classes (Intro Airbrushing, Intro to Auto Graphics, Intro Murals on Steel) and 4-day T-Shirt Airbrushing. For more information, visit www.airbrushaction.com/airbrush-getaway-workshops or call me at 800-876-2472 (732-223-7878 for international callers). Also, a reminder that I’m treating all Canadian attendees to Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.




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