Illustration Great Michael Cacy’s feedback on “State of the Airbrush Union”

I read your “State of the Airbrush Union” piece.  Nope, print is not dead. Not everything can be had on the internet, son.  I’ve always understood the advertising in a magazine is what foots the bill, so you’ve never heard me complain about seeing a lot of ads.  The info in Airbrush Action is almost always vital…and just plain fun to look at.  The how-tos seem like they appeal to a broad spectrum of airbrush users…from beginners to pros of all kinds.  Stay with what you do best. Keep it “visual.”  The readers love the photos.

In the current issue, I loved the “Weathered Signage” article by John Hannukaine.  FUN stuff!

The issues I receive from Airbrush Action are usually doled out to airbrush enthusiasts here on the island after I’ve read them (though some I keep).  A few are beginners, others pros. One is an ex-con.  So a lot of readers are seeing your stuff here on the rock, not just me.  Sometimes these individuals end up at Airbrush Getaways.  And some will end up at Getaways in the future. So, my friend, best of luck going forward.  As we say in music, “Straight ahead & strive for tone.”  Keep up the good work.  Thanks for keeping us all up to speed.

Cheers, Michael Cacy




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