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Airbrush Action Crippled by Sandy

Hey guys, very sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this page, but we were slammed by Hurricane Sandy. Airbrush Action is based just a mile or two from the New Jersey Shore, and we have suffered a week of no power, no land-line phones, extremely limited gas (three+ hour waits on mile+ long lines), devastation to homes and property, not to mention a death toll. Airbrush Action cannot operate without phones and power, which is why you’ve been unable to get through or that we’ve been unable to respond to you. Please be patient as we get through this. I’m hoping that we’ll have electric in a day or two and reopen our doors. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Let’s use our collective thoughts and prayers for those who have suffered great loss and hardship. Warm wishes from the Airbrush Action family.