Gratitude for Our Efforts

DVDs are extremely time-consuming and tedious to produce, requiring (in most cases) days of shooting, and then countless hours of editing.  And, at Airbrush Action (, we take great pride and care in making the best presentations we can.  So, when I received the following feedback the other day, I though I’d share it with you:

“I just viewed Javier Soto’s  Power Portrait DVD on Rihanna.  It is a splendid tutorial. The camera work was tops, no light glares, no constant panning to the artist, no shaky movements.  Everything was clear and concise.   Javier is an exceptional teacher, I am inspired and in awe of his talent.   Thanks for putting this dvd out.” Isaac Rivas

Thank you, Isaac, for taking the time to make us feel great about what we do.




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