Dru Blair Review: New Createx Illustration Colors

eyefinalIn this photo a buffered green color has been allowed to cure for 30 minutes. A pink  buffered color has been applied over the green color and allowed to cure for 2 minutes. The top layer has not cross linked yet, allowing easy removal with a blade, whereas the base layer is resilient enough to resist the blade, leaving the illustration board beneath it untouched.

If you haven’t heard about Createx’s new illustration paint yet, you soon will. It’s an airbrush paint that gives the artist a broad range of special effects opportunities, while being one of the best spraying water-based paints on the market today. Although the new paint was designed for paper and canvas surfaces, it has been proven to be popular with automotive painters due to its sprayability and lightfast automotive grade pigments.

I had the opportunity to beta test this paint for Createx early on, and I was always impressed by the willingness of chemist Dennis Delorenzo to listen to the needs of the artist, and make the necessary adjustments to create this extraordinary airbrush paint.

The new illustration paint was created for artists looking for an airbrush-ready paint that is easily erased,  re-wettable, performs well when buffered with opaque white, and can be sprayed without the need for additional reducer.  The result is a paint with superior spray capabilities, reduced tip dry,  and easy clean-up.

However, the most revolutionary aspect of the new illustration paint is its delayed cross-linking. This means that, after the paint is applied, it cures more slowly than other water-based airbrush paints, taking 30 minutes to reach maximum strength. Artists can take advantage of this characteristic by manipulating the paint during its most fragile period. For example, the effects of erasing the paint when it’s two minutes old will yield different results than when the paint is 5, 10, or 30 minutes old. This results in a wider range of creative effects than with other types of paint.

Texture  effects can be achieved by the simple application of an amine, such as a glass cleaner.  Applying the amine with a spray bottle can create a tremendous range of effects, especially when applied between layers of paint.

One of the keys to the success of the Illustration paint is in its opaque white. With a silky smooth spray, and reduced tip dry, the illustration opaque white dries to a velvety flat finish, making it ideal for critical color matching. The coverage is excellent, and as with the transparent colors, is ready to use straight out of the bottle.

With Createx Illustration paint, I have been able to create more consistent and precise spray patterns than ever before. I would recommend this paint to any airbrush artist seeking a water-based paint to serve their illustration needs.  Its sprayability, easy clean-up, re-wetability, and delayed cross-linking make this paint unbeatable.






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