The bee line to baggage claim is usually a production for Jaro Turek and Aldon Silvestre. They are airbrush artists.

“We travel a lot. We tend to get to the airport last minute and the long lines aren’t helping at all .”

Going through security is not their favorite part of flying. They can’t take the tools of their trade, small glass vials with needles, through security.  They wish they could.

NewsChannel 5 contacted TSA to find out if the new rules apply to the artists.  We’re waiting to hear back.  The agency now says you can take small knives and some sports equipment onto the plane with you.

“They probably realized they weren’t a threat to the safety of the passengers,” said American Airlines Pilot Chuck Long. He said the new rules will make it easier for passengers to get through security.

Smooth sailing for people, doesn’t mean worry-free flying for flight attendants. Cherie Randall has seen a lot of changes in the more than 25 years she’s been a flight attendant. She said this one scares her.

“We already have using hands, feet and fists against us and it will be a matter of time before a passenger is wielding a weapon,” said Randall.

Randall said the knives, bats and clubs should stay in the belly of the plane.

It’s not the place the airbrush artists want their equipment. They said they could check one less bag, and save a few extra minutes if they could just take the tools onboard with them.

The TSA security changes go into effect on April 25.

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