Seize this rare opportunity to learn PINSTRIPE MASTERY from Glen Weisgerber, a true pinstripe and airbrush legend. Weisgerber and Mr. J are the fathers of the famed Jersey-style lettering, pinstriping, and wet-look airbrushing. Painting since 1970, Mr. Weisgerber is famous for his amazing pinstriping, lettering, logo design, faux headlights and factory grills, and his heralded work on the funny cars of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. LO RESLO RES2LO RES3According to Mr. J, “Glen is probably better than anyone I’ve ever met. He’s very fast at interpreting what the client needs, and he’s just an all-around great artist. He’s one of the all-time greats.”  The Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway takes place October 14-18 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel. To register, or for more information, call 732-223-7878, 800-876-2472, or go

Student Chris Johnson enthused, “I attended Glen Weisgerber’s class this spring. Beforehand, I did a little research on Glen, and I was in awe. I soon realized that he had created the lettering and graphics on the Funny Cars I had posters of as a kid.  To meet him for the first time was a bit of shock because he looked like a mix of Slash and Tommy Lee.  Fitting, because he is unique and legendary in his own right as an artist and teacher.  I never thought I would be able to freehand letter due to my handwriting being so bad. I must say however, within the first few hours Glen had all of us throwing down lettering strokes like the pros!  Taking his class was like having someone say, “Look, here’s the key to unlock all the secret’s you wanted to know, now run with it.”  Just listening to Glen’s stories of how he started, his experiences through his career, and watching him paint, was a truly amazing experience. He is a machine! His stories alone make it totally worth the price of admission alone. He is undoubtedly a true master with the brush. Anyone who takes his classes is surely going to love everything he has to offer them. Oh yeah, and he’s a really nice guy, too!”




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