KILLER AIRBRUSH Q&A: Where can I get a tabletop spray booth?

Safety First

Where can get one of those hood-like things that are placed around the drafting table to absorb the overspray?  I no longer see them advertised. – David Spinney

You may have to seek them out, but SprayBoothWearing a respirator mask and keeping a window open for air flow will do in a pinch, but for big jobs or any situation where overspray is considerable, take steps to protect yourself.

Companies like Spray-Tech make tabletop booths that collect and vent overspray while protecting your workspace’s surroundings. Along with the necessary filters and other accessories, they cost about $300 and up from online retail sources. Also, Airbrush Action magazine has an inventory of used Artograph tabletop spray booths in great condition and at an excellent price.  You may contact them at 732-223-7878.

You can also go the DIY route and make a  simple overspray redirection system out of a box fan, an air-conditioner filter, and good old duct tape. Tape the frame of the filter to the back of the fan. Position the fan on the far side of your work surface and set it so that it will blow air away from you. (You should be able to see the filter, but not the fan blades, from your side of the setup.) Switch on the fan, and it will whisk the paint particles away from you and trap them in the filter.

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