Cliff Stieglitz Conducts Free Facebook Marketing Seminar at the Orlando Airbrush Getaway, May 5-9

Day 3 of the Orlando Airbrush Getaway was capped with a free seminar on Facebook marketing conducted by Cliff Stieglitz, Airbrush Action magazine’s publisher. Stieglitz explained in detail how he took Airbrush Action‘s Facebook page from about 4,000 ‘Likes’ to 182,000 in about a year. “I may offer this at all Airbrush Getaways from now on because I understand how important it is for many artists to build their ‘Likes’ and promote their work,” explained Stieglitz, who demonstrated how to post, create a Facebook ad, boost a post, split testing, and many other nuances of Facebook. Airbrush  Action‘s page,, is the most successful in the airbrush industry, postingIntenseLOMichelleWrathellLOMoldyLOSotoProgLOBrianLugoLOAutoLOPierceProgressLOTerryDennisLOPlotterLOMuralsLO galleries of airbrush art, new products, events, free videos, and step-by-step content.


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