The Airbrush Getaway workshops, albeit a pure labor of love with amazing results and rewards, is physically and mentally draining with its non-stop intensity, airbrush adrenaline, euphoria, long hours of painting, information overload, and the required maximum focus and concentration. So, it’s easy to understand why most, if not all, students, instructors, and staff experience the “Airbrush Getaway hangover.” Let’s face it: every high has its crash, and the Getaways are no exception with their inevitable and regrettable let-down of the end, and subsequent morning-after crash.  Also, the realization that this 5-day program quickly becomes the blink of an eye, compounded by the separation anxiety of existing and newly bonded friendships, is sad and quite sobering. In fact, professionally, I’m never happier than when I’m at an Airbrush Getaway with the great rewards of being among my best friends and observing students immerse themselves and evolve their talents. “It’s always like a family reunion for me,” Gary Worthington reflected. I’m anxious to feed my Airbrush Getaway addiction in Las VegasWeiGoldLeafLOKentGarberLO October 6-10, at the Tropicana!  Stay tuned for details and perhaps some huge surprises.

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