KILLER AIRBRUSH Q&A: What, if any, are the advantages to a multiple airbrush system for shirt airbrushing, where you have an airbrush for each color?

For optimal efficiency and results, a multiple airbrush system is the way to go, if you can afford it. Shirt artists usually spray as many as 14 colors in a 10- to 15-minute time span, and with a single gun system a lot of time is wasted in cleaning out one color for the next. The problem is further compounded by muddied colors if the previous color is not flushed thoroughly. With a multiple airbrush system, the time wasted in purifying colors is eliminated. Your colorAirbrushFleetLOs are always their most vibrant, and white, the most difficult color to keep pure with a single gun is always, well, white. Designs that normally take 15 minutes with a single gun, are reduced to 10 minutes or less with multiple guns. And saving even just five minutes per shirt can be significant. However, the major drawback is price. For a 12-gun setup, depending on the brand and type of airbrush used (double-action airbrushes with a medium spray nozzle are recommended), the cost can range between $920 and $1 800, including airbrushes, air hoses, and a manifold. But in shirt airbrushing, time is money, so the advantages of a multiple airbrush system justify the investment. Another disadvantage is maintenance. Needless to say, the more airbrushes used will magnify the burden of cleaning and clog prevention and troubleshooting. Therefore, a full-blown system is recommended for experienced airbrushers who are well versed in repairs and maintenance. A multiple gun arsenal can quickly become a nightmare for the novice. The next best consideration is a three-airbrush system, using one gun for white, one for black, and one for the rest of the colors. This will keep your white trouble-free and pure and your black from being a muddy influence on the other colors.

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