KILLER AIRBRUSH Q&A: I have a compressor that has been running well for four years. Then it got hot and would not restart. A clicking noise could be heard when I tried to start it. I let it cool down and it started and cycled normally but would not build up pressure. What’s wrong?

A. First thing to do is check for air leaks. In this particular case, upon investigation, the questioner found that there was a crack in the moisture filter that allowed enough air to leak so that pressure would not build up. A new moisture filter solved that problem. Note: Silent compressors are protected by a thermal circuit breaker that will shut off the compressor when there is an electrical overload or if the pressure relief line and pressure relief valve in the pressure switch fail to unload the pressure in the pressure line from the compressor to the tank. It will click when it breaks the motor circuit and click when it makes the circuit.

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