KILLER AIRBRUSH Q&A: My Air Compressor’s Air Really Smells!

Q: I have the Terry Hill Silentair air compressor (6-gallon pancake model). Although I drain the compressor daily after every use, the air coming out smells. How do I fix that? I changed out all the moisture traps. I have a 25-foot air hose running from the air compressor to my manifold. The compressor and hose are at least 10 years old. I change the oil at least once a year. Could it be the compressor hose getting old and breaking down from the inside? Any suggestions?SilairCompressorSilairComp2

A: The smell is common to all silent air compressors and due mostly to the compressor overheating or running very hot. The smell is actually from the scorched oil, so I would suggest changing the oil as well as the air intake filter. Don’t use any other oil than the stuff from Silentaire. I’ve tried oils from other companies but Silentaire has the best. The compressor has a fan built in to cool it but I usually add a second fan to keep mine extra cool when I know I’ll be pushing the compressor hard.

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