KILLER AIRBRUSH Q&A: Will a moisture separator reduce the amount of airbrush spitting?

Question: Will a moisture separator reduce the amount of airbrush spitting?

Answer:  Yes. A small investment of under $40 in a moisture separator that attaches directly to your compressor will effectively help reduce the oil and moisture in your line. Compressors, as they work, draw air and moisture from the outside, compress it, and then force it out into the tubing that leads to the airbrush. Without warning, this moisture will release itself through your airbrush, spitting on your work. The higher the humidity in your work area, the greater your frustration will be with this problem. Moisture separators have largely resolved this problem. The moisture separators on the market today have filters that can be changed or cleaned when they get dirty. Good preventive maintenance includes draining the moisture from your air tank at the end of a session. Remember, moisture can also accumulate inside the airbrush tubing overnight. Simply draining your airbrush for 3 to 4 minutes before you begin using it each morning will clear condensation from the line. 


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