NEW from Artool: Texture FX2® and Texture FX2® Freehand® Airbrush Templates

Texture FX2® Freehand® Airbrush Templates by Gerald Mendez and The Big Shield™ Special Edition Freehand® Airbrush Templates Designed by Gabe McCubbin

Artool Products Company has released the new Texture FX2® Freehand® Airbrush Templates (FH TFX2 & FH TFX2 MS Mini-Series) designed by Gerald Mendez and The Big Shield™, designed by Gabe McCubbin. Texture FX2® contains three amazing natural and organic effects: Liquid Trail, Organic Net, and Square Burst (regular size is 8- by 10-inches; the Mini-Series set is 5- by 7-inches).  Also included is a detailed step-by-step tutorial in English and Spanish of Mendez’s custom painting, Deep Universe.

Artool, in association with Iwata Airbrush company produces some of the best freehand shields on the market.

Artool’s New Freehand Stencils

The new Artool The Big Shield (© 1995) Special Edition Set (FH7 BLM) Freehand® Airbrush Templates, designed by Gabe McCubbin, is the reintroduction of the ever popular Artool FH7. Big Shield now comes in three sizes: The Big Shield, The Little Big Shield, and The Mini Big Shield.  As a bonus, this new Special Edition Set comes with an Artool® Mini-Series Cosmic Texture FX template by Gerald Mendez, and the Deep Universe step-by-step mentioned above.

Texture FX2® and The Big Shield sets are now available at your favorite Anest Iwata-Medea/Artool supplier. For a complete listing of the Anest Iwata-Medea/Artool catalog on the Web, go to


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