Cliff Stieglitz, the founder and publisher of Airbrush Action magazine, resides in Allenwood, New Jersey with his fiancé, Anh, and two daughters, Sophia (4) and Olivia (3).  For more than 25 years Mr. Stieglitz has been dedicated to promoting artists and the use of airbrush through Airbrush Action, instructional DVDs (he’s the largest producer of airbrush-related DVDs in the art industry), books, and the world renowned Airbrush Getaway hands-on workshop program.  While attending college as an advertising major in the late seventies and early 1980s, Cliff airbrushed T-shirts at flea markets, fairs, and New York street festivals.  At Syracuse University he then formed Air Nouveau, a marketing company that offered complete airbrush systems for T-shirt airbrushers. In 1984 Stieglitz began forming Airbrush Action magazine, and launched it in May of 1985.  Airbrush Action is the most successful, longest running airbrush magazine in history, which Stieglitz attributes to passion, perseverance, ancillary efforts (books, DVDs, workshops, etc), thinking out of the box, and guile.  “This blog was started,” Stieglitz explained, “in the hope that I could better connect with Airbrush Action’s readers, and to gain an even stronger pulse on the market.  I really care about the peoples’ feedback.”