The Top 3 Tips for Spraying in High Heat by Brian Lynch

Holy crap it’s hot! I tried to think of cute ways to begin a note about dealing with the heat while painting and all I kept thinking was, ‘Holy crap, it’s hot!’ That’s it isn’t it? It’s just hot. You can put your favorite four letter word in front of it or behind it, or maybe you can’t muster the strength, but…still… Holy crap, it’s Hot!

Politics aside, a “warming trend” is as real as it gets. 100-year-old heat records are falling like that life alert lady, and we don’t have an emergency button around our neck to save us! “Help, it’s hot and I can’t get up.”

The fact is when painting in this excessive heat, paint behaves differently (and so do I really). Paint is designed to coat something with a layer of protection and color. To accomplish this various chemical and physical events take place as paint is applied and as it’s drying.

Heat beyond normal can make the chemical drying part of paints react too quickly. When this happens the paint is often over-applied, or forced, in an effort to “flow” or wet up the surface. A forced coat will dry out of sequence with the top drying first. This often will trap solvents and prevent the rest of the layer from drying well, or even completely. Which is kind of weird because it would seem anything drying too quickly would, of course, dry well, right? But, no.

When selecting paint, and additives such as thinners and reducers, select the slower options in very hot climates. It might seem that a slow option would take more time to dry, and we all want fast, but it’s simply not true. The fastest, smoothest application will always be when paint is sprayed with the appropriate speed chemicals for the job size and temperature. Sure, when it’s cold the slow options might be slower than you would like, but, you have been reading, right? It’s hot!

3 Keys to Remember::
1) Keep your air pressures under control: too much air pressure will quick-flash the surface leading to rough texture and poor adhesion.
2) Keep your gun/airbrush in close; paint dries in the air so the more distance the drier the spray will be.
3) Don’t wet down the spray area floor; it may seem like a good idea but it will dramatically raise the humidity, another enemy of paint.

These are the top three tips for now. I hope it helps. If you take care of your paint it will take care of you.



Crack is Legal in Art! LOL!

I wanted to share with you a glimpse of the great step-by-step article by John Hannukaine on weathering effects featured in the September-October issue of Airbrush Action, available next week.

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A Message From Jaime Rodriguez’s Mother.

I am Jaime’s Mom. I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support to our family, and especially to his Wife Crystal and their children. We are all in shock and mourning the loss of my Son Jaime. I know this is difficult for all of us and hard to comprehend the sudden loss of my Son. But for now let’s focus on not the why’s as they will come out later but the positve. After reading all the comments I can see how much of a impact Jaime made on everyone lives. I want us all to remember the positive aspects of his life and how he lived. For those of you who did or didn’t know him Jaime is a kind, gentle and loving Father and Husand. Jaime is now with GOD in Heaven and watching over all of us. Thank you so much for your positive comments, it gives me such comfort  and strength knowing he was loved by so many people. Thank you to my family and friends who have been here for me through this difficult time. Through your prayers and love I have found strength and peace and know that Jaime is in a better place and one day I will be there with him. To my family, friends and Jaime’s Supporters I love you all……

The September-October Cover of Airbrush Action Revealed Tomorrow!

Airbrush Action’s September-October Issue a Blockbuster!

The September-October Airbrush Action boasts exciting and extended content that adds up to one of the best issues we’ve ever done.  Available in less than two weeks–the digital editions (iPad, Airbrush Action digital) sooner–the issue will feature the following:

The Urban Art of Leon Rainbow 

A Demo of Artool’s New Killer Grunge F/X for creating alien skin, bone texture, acid-eaten surfaces, certain wood textures, aged aluminum, imitation galvanized steel, alien skin patterns, detailed flower patterns, pitted skin, pores, zombie flesh, cool camo patterns, and more, this stuff is, well, killer!

Rhianna’s Power Portrait  Instense Step-by-Step by Javier Soto. To learn the process in its entirety the 3 1/2-hour, 2-disc DVD set is available in 2 weeks.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012 Pictorial

Johannes Wessmark: Photorealist European Art Sensation

1973 Corvette Stingray on a T-Shirt  By Luc Boivin

2013 PAINT BUYER’S GUIDE.  By popular demand, this is text only with the charts on display at

Weathered Signage  By John Hannukaine.  The weathered anything is trending strong.

And much more!

Free Canadian Thanksgiving Day Dinner at the Airbrush Getaway

In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving Day (Jour de l’Action de grâce), Airbrush Action will sponsor a free turkey dinner to all Canadian attendees, Tuesday, October 9.  Usually, I’m pretty careful to avoid Holidays and special occasions (Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc) when scheduling an Airbrush Getaway,  but somehow I missed Canadian Thanksgiving. Call 732-223-7878 by September 20th to reserve your seat.  I’ve always been super appreciative of the support of our Canadian clientele.

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Rodriguez Gallery Continued

Rodriguez Gallery: Industry Still Mourns the Loss of One of its Masters

Shirt display
Rodriguez could perform magic on any surface!
Jaime Rodriguez was a gifted designer also.
An array of Rodriguez designs

The airbrush community is still reeling from the death of airbrush luminary Jaime Rodriguez this past Friday night.  I’ve known Jaime for years, and he was always a gentleman and exhibited a poise and a vision not commonly seen in someone so young.  To further memorialize Jaime, I thought I’d share some images of his work courtesy of Ken Schlottfeldt, owner of Badger Air Brush.


Rodriguez’s lettering style was superb.


Airbrush Great Jaime Rodriguez Has Died

I’m very sad to report that Jaime Rodriguez, one of our great airbrush artists, died last night at his home in Phoenix.  He was 32.  I knew Jaime for many years, and was a big fan of his work on automotive surfaces and T-shirts.  In fact, he possessed one of the best, most intricate of lettering styles in the industry.  In this regard, I considered Jaime a true innovator with his approach to art and inimitable style. Further details to follow. Rodriguez is survived by his wife, Crystal, and their two children: Andrea, 9, and Davian, 5.  Airbrush Action requests that in lieu of flowers or gifts, to please send donations to the family:

Darrell Brown

7815 S. 5th Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85041

Memo: Crystal Rodriguez

Correspondence of condolences may be sent to Crystal at the above address as well.