Airbrush Action’s Jan-Feb 2013 Cover Unveiled Here for First Time!!!

We’re proud to unveil Airbrush Action’s Jan-Feb 2013 cover here!

Important Notice About Our Recent “Like” Campaign Offer!

It has been brought to my attention that in our recent Facebook “Like” promotion some participants were unable to access their 10% discount code. Our tech, Gerry Lacuarta, explains:
“The Facebook SDK which I used to program the promotion will not work if the browser client does not have Javascript enabled or if they are using old versions of Internet Explorer which do not support the new and fancy API “stuff.” I’ve tried this on all browsers before I sent out the e-blast, and it all worked perfectly. We can ask those who failed to get the coupon to use other browsers, such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox, and make sure they have Javascript enabled. If they want to use Internet Explorer only, they must have version 8 and up.”
If you experienced any trouble receiving your discount code, please call me at 732-223-7878, and I’ll see to it that you receive your 10% discount. We are very proud of Airbrush Action’s great reputation and 28-year heritage, and would never intentionally mislead our readers. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Also, thank you for your loyal support of Airbrush Action and our efforts.
Warmest wishes for the Holidays and beyond, Cliff Stieglitz, Publisher, Airbrush Action Magazine
P.S. Unfortunately, if you “Liked” us before this promotion, you would be ineligible because you can only “Like” us once.

Airbrush Action Crippled by Sandy

Hey guys, very sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this page, but we were slammed by Hurricane Sandy. Airbrush Action is based just a mile or two from the New Jersey Shore, and we have suffered a week of no power, no land-line phones, extremely limited gas (three+ hour waits on mile+ long lines), devastation to homes and property, not to mention a death toll. Airbrush Action cannot operate without phones and power, which is why you’ve been unable to get through or that we’ve been unable to respond to you. Please be patient as we get through this. I’m hoping that we’ll have electric in a day or two and reopen our doors. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Let’s use our collective thoughts and prayers for those who have suffered great loss and hardship. Warm wishes from the Airbrush Action family.

Airbrush Getaway Recap

The NEW Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas was the perfect location for the Airbrush Getaway, October 8-12, 2012.

From an event organizer’s perspective, the Airbrush Getaway is a whopper to produce, involving the prep and shipment of 8,000 to 10,000 pounds of equipment and supplies, the onsite marathon setup and breakdown, and all the other logistical headaches before, during, and after.  However, it’s one of the most rewarding and gratifying things that we do here, a true labor of love.  Last week’s Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway was one of our best thanks to a wonderful and most enthusiastic group of attendees and a terrific team of instructors and support staff.  Also, the Tropicana Hotel, a new venue for us, was a perfect fit for our group with renovated guest rooms, great restaurants, and 23,000 square feet of meeting space. Also, its location on the strip is an added benefit. The group chemistry at the Vegas Getaway was truly magical, and I look forward to seeing many returning students in February (18-22).  Also, please forgive me for missing many days last week, but I was inundated at the Getaway, and was so spent by end of day, that I typically sacrificed dinner for bed!

New Products at the Airbrush Getaway: Day 2

I’m In Vegas

I arrived Las Vegas last night in preparation of the Airbrush Getaway (Oct 8-12 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel), which commences Monday and ends Friday.  I’ll be posting video blogs and tons of photos daily, so stay tuned here and to our Facebook page,  We’re still accepting registration, so if you’d like to attend you may call my cell phone: 732-233-7007.  I look forward to seeing you at the Getaway, the world’s best airbrush immersion program.

The Super Bowl of Airbrushing by Cliff Stieglitz

A great sports metaphor for the Airbrush Getaway is that it’s the Super Bowl of airbrushing.  Clearly, there is no other hands-on airbrush workshop program like it in the world with twelve 4-day classes, five 1-day classes, and some of the world’s best talent as your instructors. The Getaway is designed to take your artwork to the next level with cutting-edge techniques, the introduction of new products and, best of all, to teach you how to make more money as an artist.  It’s truly a dynamic event, one that many can’t afford not to attend.  In fact, here are the two most common comments I hear from alumni: 1. What they learned in the four or five days at an Airbrush Getaway would take months or years to learn on their own, and 2. Many have marveled that they’ve been able to recover their investment on attending a Getaway in one day, a weekend, a week!  A slogan we recently adopted kind of says it all: Come as students, leave as friends, return as family.  Anyway, there are seats still available, and if you’d like to attend you may call me personally at 732-223-7878.  I hope to hear from you.

Special Guests Jon Hul & Armando Huerta To Paint and DemoTop Pro Tips at Airbrush Getaway, Oct 8-12

May-June 2012 Cover by Jon Hul

March-April 2012 Cover by Armando Huerta

Armando Huerta, pinup master

Pinup artist extraordinaire Jon Hul

Pinup greats Armando Huerta and Jon Hul will appear at the upcoming Airbrush Getaway at the NEW Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel, October 8-12.  They will paint works in progress, answer questions, and reveal how they render flesh tones and a variety of textures.  For more information or to register, please call 800-876-2472 or 732-223-7878 for international callers.

The Getaway Jitters

Leading up to the Airbrush Getaway, I’m like a thoroughbred at the starting gate; nervous, high-strung, heart racing, even a little scared.  The production of a Getaway is an enormous undertaking with some tough logistics that include the shipping of 8,000 to 10, 000 pounds of equipment and supplies, the coordinating of C02 tanks, instructor travel, hotel rooms, set-up, break-down, the demands and committment of keeping the students happy (our #1 priority!), and much more. Ultimately, it’s about maintaining the balance and stability of a monster program. However, barring being with my two young daughters and Anh (the loves of my life), I’m rarely happier than when I’m in the midst of an Airbrush Getaway.  It’s actually a form of euphoria for me because I’m in my element with a staff and a group that I love, which is in large part why I adopted the slogan, “Come as students, leave as friends, return as family.”  There are 17 days until the Getaway.  If you’d like to register, or require information on the World’s largest and best hands-on airbrush immersion program, you may call me personally at 732-233-7007.  I look forward to seeing you there!

NEW Changes & Products at the Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, October 8-12


Kustom Paint Lab: Armando Serrano is back with his 0ld school kandy effects, ground metal painting, vinyl masking integration, and other very cool tricks and tips.
Power Portraits/Javier Soto: The Rhianna painting from the DVD will be on display, and the class project to be painted is being held under tight wraps.
Pinstriping Mastery/Jeff Styles: Patina lettering will be introduced to Styles’s program.
Murals on Steel/Jonathan Pantaleon: NEW curriculum! For more info, stay tuned to Pantaleon’s Facebook page: 
Achieving Photorealism: Dru Blair and Melanie Alexander are back after missing the Orlando Getaway in May!
Killer Skulls/Eddie Davis: Greater focus on anatomy, realistic fire demo with water-based paints, and how to make custom stencils.
Airbrush Mastery/T-Shirt Airbrushing/Gary Worthington: New money-making designs for next season!

The NEW Artograph LED 300 will be on sale at a special discount for Getaway attendees.

Createx’s Illustration paint, developed with Dru Blair!
Amazing new products from R Tape
Artool: Killer Grunge F/X , Blasted F/X by Ryno, Aztek stencils by Gerald Mendez, “H” template by Craig Fraser

Iwata-Medea: M Series Single-Action Gravity-Feed Mini Airbrushes


R Tape demos with Jim Hingst, include heat transfer films for T-shirts and performance garments: Polyurethane films (stretchable) for plotter cutting and digital printing, Flock films for plotter cutting and printing for T-shirt applications, ProGrade Vinyl Paint Mask, application tapes, and the much anticipated metalized vinyl effects films that can produce holographic-type results.

Canadian Thansgiving dinner, Sponsored by Airbrush Action. Tuesday, October 9. Call 732-223-7878 for details!