Dru Blair Review: New Createx Illustration Colors

eyefinalIn this photo a buffered green color has been allowed to cure for 30 minutes. A pink  buffered color has been applied over the green color and allowed to cure for 2 minutes. The top layer has not cross linked yet, allowing easy removal with a blade, whereas the base layer is resilient enough to resist the blade, leaving the illustration board beneath it untouched.

If you haven’t heard about Createx’s new illustration paint yet, you soon will. It’s an airbrush paint that gives the artist a broad range of special effects opportunities, while being one of the best spraying water-based paints on the market today. Although the new paint was designed for paper and canvas surfaces, it has been proven to be popular with automotive painters due to its sprayability and lightfast automotive grade pigments.

I had the opportunity to beta test this paint for Createx early on, and I was always impressed by the willingness of chemist Dennis Delorenzo to listen to the needs of the artist, and make the necessary adjustments to create this extraordinary airbrush paint.

The new illustration paint was created for artists looking for an airbrush-ready paint that is easily erased,  re-wettable, performs well when buffered with opaque white, and can be sprayed without the need for additional reducer.  The result is a paint with superior spray capabilities, reduced tip dry,  and easy clean-up.

However, the most revolutionary aspect of the new illustration paint is its delayed cross-linking. This means that, after the paint is applied, it cures more slowly than other water-based airbrush paints, taking 30 minutes to reach maximum strength. Artists can take advantage of this characteristic by manipulating the paint during its most fragile period. For example, the effects of erasing the paint when it’s two minutes old will yield different results than when the paint is 5, 10, or 30 minutes old. This results in a wider range of creative effects than with other types of paint.

Texture  effects can be achieved by the simple application of an amine, such as a glass cleaner.  Applying the amine with a spray bottle can create a tremendous range of effects, especially when applied between layers of paint.

One of the keys to the success of the Illustration paint is in its opaque white. With a silky smooth spray, and reduced tip dry, the illustration opaque white dries to a velvety flat finish, making it ideal for critical color matching. The coverage is excellent, and as with the transparent colors, is ready to use straight out of the bottle.

With Createx Illustration paint, I have been able to create more consistent and precise spray patterns than ever before. I would recommend this paint to any airbrush artist seeking a water-based paint to serve their illustration needs.  Its sprayability, easy clean-up, re-wetability, and delayed cross-linking make this paint unbeatable.



The Mitch Kim Pics Censored by Facebook!

Mitch KimMitch Kim PinstripingMitch Kim Pinstriping

Annual Airbrush Excellence Competition Returns

The Annual Airbrush Excellence Competition is Back!!
Enter, Win Prizes, Get Published.
Charge More For Your Artwork!
• Automotive Art (cars & trucks)
• Body Art (airbrush tattoos, makeup, theatrical, etc)
• Fine Art
• Unusual Surfaces (helmets, sports accessories, skate decks, etc)
• Hobby/Model
• Kustom Motorcycle Painting
• T-Shirt & Textile Art
• Pinstriping
Airbrush Excellence Entries
3209 Atlantic Avenue
P.O. Box 438
Allenwood, NJ 08720

AWARDS in Each Category
1st Place: $500 in prizes
2nd Place: $350 in prizes
3d place: $150 in prizes

In addition to a Certificate of Award, competition winners will receive airbrush and art products as listed above. All award-winning entries will be published in Airbrush Action magazine.

Deadline: Friday, March 15, 2013

Name,  Email address,  Telephone number (Include area code),  Mailing address,  City, State,  Zip, Country, Artwork Category (Title of artwork, Type of paint, Surface, Size (inches)

Entry Requirements:  All entries must be submitted in hi-res JPG, TIFF, or PDF digital formats on a CD or DVD disc to: Airbrush Excellence Competition, P.O. Box 438, 3209 Atlantic Avenue, Allenwood, NJ 08720. Photographs, negatives, and large format transparencies will NOT be accepted.

Entry Limit:  3 submissions per person.

Acknowledgement:  If you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope or postcard, we will acknowledge receipt of your entry. No phone call regarding your entry will be accepted.

Deadline:  All entries MUST be postmarked by March 15, 2013.

Conditions:  Upon submission, all discs become the property of Airbrush Action. If insufficient entries are received in any one category, that category may be subject to cancellation. Competition judges reserve the right to move entries from one category to another if deemed appropriate.  Airbrush Action makes every effort to protect and secure all discs, but cannot be held liable for loss or damage.  Your entry shall imply agreement with the above-stated conditions.


Get published and becom famous as a winner of the Airbrush Excellence Competition

Get published and becom famous as a winner of the Airbrush Excellence Competition

Vince Kennedy, Createx Founder & Industry Giant, Has Died

VinceKennedyThe airbrush industry has suffered a major loss with the passing of Createx’s founder, Vince Kennedy, last week.  I knew Vince for nearly 30 years, and was deeply saddened by the news.  Vince was charismatic, dynamic, brilliant, and a terrific soul.  My condolences to the Kennedy family, the Createx staff, and all who knew him.  Vince Kenndy’s viewing will take place at Vincent’s Funeral Home on Rt.10, Simsbury, Connecticut, from 9:30am to 11:30am, and the noon service will be at St. Catherine Church, 265 Stratton Brook Road, West Simsbury.

Sneak Preview! In the Studio with Gary Worthington


WorthingtonZombieProgressDay 2 progress pic of Gary Worthington’s intense new DVD, Creating Killer Zombies, produced by Airbrush Action magazine and Createx Colors. Stay tuned for more photos on this exciting new title.


Airbrush Action’s Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/AirbrushActionMag, has just reached the milestones of 10,000 ‘Likes,’ and 116,000 views this past week, and I want to thank you for helping us get there.  For the uninitiated, our Facebook page posts some amazing artwork, news, free videos, and special offers and discounts on products and services (including the Airbrush Getaway workshops and www.airbrush.tv) that you won’t find anywhere else.  Your support of the magazine and its efforts is inspiring and greatly appreciated, and with your continued help I’ll see you at 20,000 ‘Likes.’

Facebook.com/AirbrushActionMag is gaining great traction and popularity

Django Unchained

I saw Django Unchained last night and loved it!  Jamie Foxx was great, but Christoph Waltz stole the show as Django’s mentor, and his performance alone is worth the price of admission.  Actually, add Samuel Jackson’s best film performance ever as Stephen to your impetus; remarkably good and funny. There were also great cameos by Jonah Hill, Bruce Dern, and others.  Also, it’s the fastest 165 minutes I’ve ever experienced in a theater.  Heads-up: if tons of violence revolts you, think twice about going.

Gratitude for Our Efforts

DVDs are extremely time-consuming and tedious to produce, requiring (in most cases) days of shooting, and then countless hours of editing.  And, at Airbrush Action (www.airbrushaction.com), we take great pride and care in making the best presentations we can.  So, when I received the following feedback the other day, I though I’d share it with you:

“I just viewed Javier Soto’s  Power Portrait DVD on Rihanna.  It is a splendid tutorial. The camera work was tops, no light glares, no constant panning to the artist, no shaky movements.  Everything was clear and concise.   Javier is an exceptional teacher, I am inspired and in awe of his talent.   Thanks for putting this dvd out.” Isaac Rivas

Thank you, Isaac, for taking the time to make us feel great about what we do.

Dean Loucks Paints Exclusive Designs for Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers!

Date:  Thursday, Dec 6th, 2012

Time: 5pm

Location:  Dean’s Place Fine Art Gallery

Dean Loucks, a celebrated artist in Granger Indiana, known all over the world for his exclusive designs on high-end boats, helicopters, motor coaches, pianos and fine art adds Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers to his canvases. Kitchen Aid Cooperation launched a limited edition Custom Made stand mixers painted by Dean Loucks yesterday.  Dean Painted 6 designs for the launch; Golden Petals with his signature flower series, Leopard, Shimmer, Noir Leopard, Snow Leopard and Serengeti.

Airbrush Action’s Jan-Feb 2013 Cover Unveiled Here for First Time!!!

We’re proud to unveil Airbrush Action’s Jan-Feb 2013 cover here!