“Securing a Ruler with Clay” by Johannes Wessmark

I have found that I can achieve absolutely straight lines with soft edges by gliding my airbrush along a ruler affixed with adhesive clay. This is otherwise difficult to do with freehand airbrush or with masks.

2 Great Tips from Johannes Wessmark Monday & Tuesday!


Crack is Legal in Art! LOL!

I wanted to share with you a glimpse of the great step-by-step article by John Hannukaine on weathering effects featured in the September-October issue of Airbrush Action, available next week.

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Free Canadian Thanksgiving Day Dinner at the Airbrush Getaway

In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving Day (Jour de l’Action de grâce), Airbrush Action will sponsor a free turkey dinner to all Canadian attendees, Tuesday, October 9.  Usually, I’m pretty careful to avoid Holidays and special occasions (Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc) when scheduling an Airbrush Getaway,  but somehow I missed Canadian Thanksgiving. Call 732-223-7878 by September 20th to reserve your seat.  I’ve always been super appreciative of the support of our Canadian clientele.

For further information about the Airbrush Getaway go to http://www.airbrushaction.com/airbrush-getaway-workshops

Rodriguez Gallery Continued

Rodriguez Gallery: Industry Still Mourns the Loss of One of its Masters

Shirt display
Rodriguez could perform magic on any surface!
Jaime Rodriguez was a gifted designer also.
An array of Rodriguez designs

The airbrush community is still reeling from the death of airbrush luminary Jaime Rodriguez this past Friday night.  I’ve known Jaime for years, and he was always a gentleman and exhibited a poise and a vision not commonly seen in someone so young.  To further memorialize Jaime, I thought I’d share some images of his work courtesy of Ken Schlottfeldt, owner of Badger Air Brush.


Rodriguez’s lettering style was superb.


Airbrush Great Jaime Rodriguez Has Died

I’m very sad to report that Jaime Rodriguez, one of our great airbrush artists, died last night at his home in Phoenix.  He was 32.  I knew Jaime for many years, and was a big fan of his work on automotive surfaces and T-shirts.  In fact, he possessed one of the best, most intricate of lettering styles in the industry.  In this regard, I considered Jaime a true innovator with his approach to art and inimitable style. Further details to follow. Rodriguez is survived by his wife, Crystal, and their two children: Andrea, 9, and Davian, 5.  Airbrush Action requests that in lieu of flowers or gifts, to please send donations to the family:

Darrell Brown

7815 S. 5th Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85041

Memo: Crystal Rodriguez

Correspondence of condolences may be sent to Crystal at the above address as well.

The Airbrush Getaway: A Great Solution to a Lucrative Side Gig or Full-Time Career

It’s no secret how tough it is out there today, with so many jobs being outsourced and downsized in this troubled economy. But I’m happy to say that the art of airbrushing continues to prove a viable career across a wide spectrum of professions including automotive custom painting, body art (spray tanning, Halloween gigs, airbrushed makeup, airbrushed tattoos, etc), T-shirt airbrushing (about 30 years ago I made thousands of dollars working fairs, flea markets, and street feasts with my shirt business), portraiture and more. And that’s why I’m so proud to offer courses by some of the World’s best artists at the Airbrush Getaway workshop program, giving students hands-on instruction and a professional-caliber skill set in only four or five days.

The next Airbrush Getaway takes place at the New Tropicana Las Vegas in October 8-12, and offers 5 one-day classes, including Intro to Airbrushing class and 13 four-day classes, including Airbrush Mastery, Ultimate Airbrush F/X, and Achieving Photorealism (for the entire lineup go to http://airbrushaction.com/airbrush-getaway-workshops/vegas-october-8-12-2012). Celebrating its 24th year, the Getaway is truly a one-of-a-kind event, and the world’s best airbrush immersion program ideal for artists and non-artists seeking to learn new skills or take their art to professional levels.

The Airbrush Getaway has attracted students from all over the world and from corporations as diverse as Disney, AT&T, Boeing, Texas Instruments, Hallmark and many others, freelance artists, small business owners and students of all skill levels

Students come away learning how to make thousands of extra dollars airbrushing, and many claim that what they learn in four or five days at the workshop would take years to learn on their own. A special comradery and bond develops between students and staff at every Getaway.

If you or someone you know is frustrated by the shrinking job market, maybe it’s time to look toward a new career or lucrative side gig in airbrushing. Hope to see you there!


The New Tropicana Las Vegas is a Knockout Hotel!

For those attending the Vegas Airbrush Getaway, October 8-12, prepare to be surprised! I just returned from my visit to The New Tropicana Las Vegas, and it is hands-down one of the best properties to host the Getaway, redefining the expectations of today’s traveler with a recently completed $180 million transformation into a casually elegant resort experience. In addition to a South Beach, Miami rhythm and vibe, the mega-makeover includes a fresh redesign of every best-in-class room and suite, the casino, the conference center and exhibition hall, seven new restaurants and four bars, a new poker room and race and sports book, and the recently debuted Glow®, A Mandara Spa and fitness center. First-class entertainment includes “Dancing with the Stars: Live in Las Vegas,” Laugh Factory, Recycled Percussion, the Mob Attraction Las Vegas (an amazing interactive museum), and the recently opened Bagatelle Beach & Nightclub.