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Ryan Marshall Pinup Class

Instructor and T-shirt airbrush artist extraordinaire Gary Worthington, demonstrates a final class project.

Instructor and T-shirt airbrush artist extraordinaire Gary Worthington, demonstrates a final class project.

Steve DeMan's Lowrider Graphics class produces some amazing work with advanced custom painting, spray gun, taping and gold leading techniques.

Steve DeMan’s Lowrider Graphics class produces some amazing work with advanced custom painting, spray gun, taping and gold leading techniques.

Alayna Smith


You’ll acquire advanced top pro skills, confidence, and know-how in the best information-packed, fast-paced hands-on airbrush workshops in the world! When it comes to airbrushing, you’ve got to know your stuff to be successful.  You’ve also got to be current on the latest trends, techniques, and new products for optimal efficiency and professionalism as an artist.


No filler or fluff, just targeted, intensive and in-depth training right where you need it most! Our staff of world-class artists created this program to help you get up to speed on all the “mission critical” aspects of airbrushing.  The Airbrush Getaway is remarkably comprehensive, packed with all the essential information you’ll need to step into airbrushing with confidence and a pro skill-set.


Spend 4 or 5 days with us and get incredible training that guarantees your success as an airbrush artist. Relax and focus in a positive, open learning environment with leading art professionals and artists of all skill levels who understand and share your concerns and questions about airbrushing.  We’ve created a format that breaks down the most critical information for you so it’s easy to comprehend and apply to your own work situations and airbrush applications.  We’ll cover a broad range of material presented in a manner that makes it easy to absorb and digest, and you’ll have ample time to ask questions, discuss ideas, and network with your colleagues as you discover how to meet and conquer the challenges of airbrushing.


Quick Airbrush Quiz

What should I look for when buying my first airbrush, and how do airbrush brands differ from one another?

What, if any, are the advantages to a multiple airbrush system?

What is the best air pressure (psi) to use for T-shirt airbrushing? Automotive custom painting?  Illustration board?

 Will a moisture separator reduce the amount of airbrush spitting?

Why are my colors not as bright and vibrant as my competition’s?

Should you require money down before you begin a paint job? If so, how much or what percentage?

How did you do?  If you hesitated on even one of these questions, don’t wait to sign up for this intensive training conducted by the world’s best airbrush artists! Keeping up with the latest trends, changes, top pro tricks, and new products is a tough job for even the most seasoned airbrush veteran, let alone someone who’s new to the field! The Airbrush Getaway is for beginners to advanced airbrush users seeking to master all airbrush applications while becoming more effective, productive, knowledgeable, and profitable.

Who should attend?  

Beginning to advanced airbrush users

Those who wish to take their artwork to the next level

Those who wish to trump their competition

Those who seek to increase their earning power

Those who seek definitive answers


Guaranteed Results!

All of our seminars are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! We’re confident that this seminar will provide you with the information, tools, and resources you need to take on new airbrush challenges and opportunities with confidence. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, send us a letter (Attn: Customer Relations) within 30 days of your seminar attendance stating the reason you were not satisfied, and we’ll arrange for you to attend another one of our seminars or receive a full refund — hassle-free.


Choose From Over 20 Courses!

1-Day Courses:                                                           4-Day Courses:

NEW CLASS! INTRO PLOTTER MASTERY         Airbrush Mastery with Gary Worthington

Intro to Killer Skulls                                                    Creating Killer Skulls with Rod Fuchs/Rob Chruchill

Stencils 101                                                                       Plotter Mastery with Michael Learn

Intro to Power Portraits                                                Power Portraits with Javier Soto & Troy Pierce

Intro to Airbrushing                                                      Ultimate Airbrush F/X with Terry Hill

Intro to Automotive Graphics                                     Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X with Brookshire

Intro to Murals On Steel                                               Automotive Murals on Steel with Jonathan Pantaleon

T-Shirt Lettering Boot Camp                                       Pin-Up Art with Alan Pastrana

Intro to Pinstriping                                                        Pinstriping & Lettering Mastery with Todd Hanson

T-Shirt Airbrushing for Fun & Profit with G. Worthington


Tailor the Training to Meet Your Specific Needs!

We’ll help you choose the appropriate courses and tailor each one to address your specific goals.  In fact, we’ll make your weaknesses your strengths!


For a FREE consultation call us at 1-800-876-2472 today, or go to http://www.airbrushaction.com


Registration Information

Enroll Today! Hurry, our seats fill fast. Guarantee your enrollment with a only a $50 deposit today. Payment is due before the program.


Program Schedule

Check-in: 8 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Program: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and beyond.

Cancellations and Substitutions

You may cancel your registration up to 10 business days before the program, and we will refund your tuition less a $50 cancellation fee. Substitutions and transfers may be made at any time to another program of your choice scheduled within 12 months of your original event.

Please Note

  • You will be notified by e-mail, fax, and/or mail if any changes are made to your scheduled program (i.e., date, venue, city, or instructor changes).
  • Walk-in registrations are accepted as space allows.
  • Meals, airfare, hotel, and parking expenses are not included in the tuition.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the program.


Never been to an Airbrush Getaway?

Here’s the immediate payoff on your investment:

  • You get a seminar created by our staff of experts with an aggregate of more than 300 years experience!!
  • At an Airbrush Getaway workshop, you can always count on learning from knowledgeable experts who know how to teach.
  • You’ll take away valuable skills and insights you can apply immediately in your work.
  • You’ll enjoy yourself in a convenient, comfortable, and highly sociable learning environment.
  • And you have our assurance of complete satisfaction, backed by the best guarantee in the business.


Curious but not convinced?

Consider this: In one and four fast-paced days, you’ll gain an advantage that will continue to pay off for years to come, starting the very next day!


But if that’s not incentive enough, here are 3 more compelling reasons to sign up:

  1. You’ll be among peers, free to learn without feeling pressured or judged.

Right from the start, you’ll find your concerns are also the concerns of others in attendance. You’ll

be on common ground — free to voice concerns and share experiences without the fear of feeling

clueless or posing “dumb” questions.  Together, you’ll learn the top pro techniques and strategies that can help you become a successful airbrush user with a whole new skill-set.

  1. You’ll get your money’s worth — and then some.

We won’t waste your time. You can count on learning the latest in airbrush trends, techniques, equipment, etc. This program is designed to keep your attention every step of the way and make what you learn stick. You’ll probably attend many more Airbrush Getaways during the course of your career — we want you to remember the Airbrush Getaway as the one program that got you started off right.

  1. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed — and that’s that.

Don’t look for any fine print in our guarantee; there isn’t any. We want to be up front with you, and

urge you to be the same with us. If this program does its job and you’re happy with it — we’ve succeeded. If not, let us know and you’ll get a certificate for a free seminar or your money back — hassle-free.


Who should attend?

This course is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists who want to better understand and make the most of what the broad world airbrushing has to offer. It’s also a great supplemental program for advanced users interested in learning additional shortcuts and tips. If you want to tap

into airbrushing’s immense capabilities and take your skills to a higher level, you’ll benefit from this training!


4 Great Reasons to Attend:

Experience an affordable, 1- and 4-day format!

We’ve designed this seminar from the ground up to ensure that the teaching methods used reinforce your learning experience. Usually, courses of this nature cost much more and take more time to complete, but this powerful seminar is a swift, cost-effective way to master airbrushing. Most important, you’ll retain what you’ve learned and be able to use it immediately.

Learn hundreds of ways to work faster, smarter and more effectively with airbrushing!

Master shortcuts, time-savers and quick features many seasoned airbrush users don’t even know about! You’ll complete projects in less time, give them a more professional appearance, and work smarter.

Go from Airbrush amateur to Airbrush expert!

If you’re not sure where you stack up with other artists, and you lack confidence, then it’s time to go from amateur to expert! This program will get you up to speed in short order.

Take on more responsibility and expand your business horizons!

Increasing your knowledge and establishing a new skill-set in airbrushing will give you an edge over your competition. You’ll be ready to take on more complex projects, share your expertise with others and step forward with innovative ideas and terrific growth as an artist or airbrush technician. As a result, you’ll be rewarded with increased respect, and you’ll be at the head of the line when it’s time for recognition.

Network and Establish New, Rewarding and Lifetime Friendships

At the Airbrush Getaway you get to work with, hands-on, the art celebrities you’ve been reading about for years in Airbrush Action magazine, books, TV, and other publications.  And, it’s also a tremendous opportunity to establish valued and life-long friendships with fellow artists from around the globe and the instructors.

For more information, or to register, call 800-876-2472 or 732-223-7878. Group, military, buddy, student, and couples discounts available.



ATTEND THE ORLANDO AIRBRUSH GETAWAY, May 4-8, at the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld.

CREATNG KILLER SKULLS will show you how to make stock, modified, & hybrid skulls stand above the rest with form, dimension shape, & personality. In this all hands-on class YOU’LL LEARN:
*How to render eye sockets, teeth, nasal area & other trouble spots
*How to render a skull’s features correctly & dynamically
*How to work on multiple surfaces
*How to render amazing bone texture
*Morphing real skulls into dynamic characters
*How to add horns, armor, jewelry, ornamentation, & much more!

Thousands of dollars in door prizes offered!!

WORLD’S BEST AIRBRUSH WORKSHOP PROGRAM. PERIOD. For more information, or to register, call 732-223-7878 or 800-876-2472, or go to http://www.airbrushaction.com/airbrush-getaway-workshops. Best airbrush workshops since 1988!


Please book your hotel reservation at the WESTGATE RESORTS

Rod Fuchs is one of the world's best skull artists.

Rod Fuchs is one of the world’s best skull artists.

Angel Wing Skull Bronze Star CCpost1 dagger Fgallery1-25 how_to_2 indian NewPH Red Batwing resize3 RodRR RodSkullSnakePost roses SanAnt, 407-345-0000. Mention “Airbrush Getaway” to receive your special hotel rate. (The Orlando Airbrush Getaway will be held at the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld, 10100 International Drive, Orlando.)


Airbrush Action publisher, Cliff Stieglitz (pictured) founded Airbrush Action 30 years ago.

Airbrush Action publisher, Cliff Stieglitz (pictured) founded Airbrush Action 30 years ago.

Airbrush Action's Live WebChat Tonight!Join us live tonight, April 23, at 7pm EDT with special guest Glen Weisgerber, and hosts Javier Soto, Jonathan Pantaleon, and Airbrush Action publisher Cliff Stieglitz. A wrap-up of the Austin Art Circus with pics, and a 30-year retrospective of Airbrush Action, and many other topics will be covered. Please call with your questions and comments: 732-582-4774

CLICK HERE TO JOIN: https://livestream.com/accounts/9959295/events/3991463
CALL-IN NUMBER: 732-582-4774

DON’T MISS this great opportunity to talk to world-class artists, gain great top pro tips & tricks, and “HEARD-IT-HERE-FIRST” news.

Illustration of Airbrush Action publisher Cliff Stieglitz by Jerry Lofaro.


PPGSTRONGSVILLE, Ohio – April 1, 2015 PPG Automotive Refinish held an automotive custom restoration seminar at the company’s Wixom, Mich., Business Development Center March 9–11. The three-day event, part of a series of PPG custom training classes, provided instruction in PPG processes and products for successfully prepping and painting automotive restoration projects.

Event registration drew professional custom builders, hobbyists and vocational technology students from across the country. Several notable custom car world celebrities also attended. These included Charley Hutton of Charley Hutton’s Color Studio, Nampa, Idaho; Randy Borchering of Painthouse, Cypress, Texas; Ryan Korek of Korek Designs, New Berlin, Pa., and the paint team from Detroit Speed, Inc., Mooresville, N.C.

“This was a great experience for everyone,” said Jeff Matauch, Business Development Center manager. “Everybody wanted to hear about the latest PPG painting techniques and products. Even the most accomplished painters like Hutton and Borchering were eager to learn from us—and from each other. We know there’s demand for custom restoration, and we hope to develop more of these seminars in the near future.

Instruction over the three days covered surface preparation and undercoats, topcoats and clearcoats. While many of PPG’s refinish products were discussed, the workshop focused on the popular VIBRANCE COLLECTION® custom paint finishes and its many colors, micas, pigments and special effects that give painters exceptional latitude in creating dramatic paint schemes. To ensure their versatility, Vibrance Collection offerings have been carefully crafted to work seamlessly with all PPG premium quality solvent and waterborne topcoat systems.

Seminar attendees received copies of PPG’s new Custom Restoration Guide. The guide presents details of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for custom builders and restorations. Randy Cremeans, PPG director of marketing, collision segment USCA, worked with industry experts such as Matauch, PPG master painter Paul Stoll, the Roadster Shop crew in Chicago and others to create a guide that would share with customers practical real-world insights into the restoration process. Regardless of what vehicle or vehicle substrate is being worked on, the Custom Restoration Guide outlines PPG’s recommended process for successful surface prepping and painting. The guide documents the multiple procedures involved in custom restorations and addresses everything from stripping a substrate to color identification and the application of the paint. The Custom Restoration Guide is available online at the PPG website and may be viewed or downloaded free of charge. Anyone interested in vehicle restoration is invited to the site.

To learn more about PPG custom training classes, the Vibrance Collection and other PPG refinish products, call (800) 647-6050 or visit www.ppgrefinish.com.


TUNE IN to AIRBRUSH ACTION’S LIVE WEB CHAT this Thursday, March 26, at 7pm EST for an information-packed broadcast with NUB, airbrush great and art & TV celebrity (American Chopper).

CLICK HERE TO JOIN: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/9959295/events/3913996
CALL-IN NUMBER: 732-582-4774

DON’T MISS this great opportunity to talk to NUB, gain great top pro tips & tricks, and “HEARD-IT-HERE-FIRST” news.
HOSTED BY AIRBRUSH ACTION publisher Cliff Stieglitz, Javier Soto, & Jonathan Pantaleon.


Nub, of American Chopper TV fame, is the one of the world's premiere custom painters.

Nub, of American Chopper TV fame, is the one of the world’s premiere custom painters.

When I was 15, my father pulled into our driveway with his newly lettered work van.  I was in complete and utter awe at what this guy had just done with a paintbrush and a few cans of paint.  I’ll never forget it.  The painter’s name is Cliff Burgess … and that lettering job pointed me in the direction I’m still following today.

I’ve always been into art.  Most of my family is artistic in one way or another.  I was drawing on the walls by the time I could steal my brother’s crayons … and blaming him.  But this was that “moment”.  The spark that lit the match under my ass to actually WANT to learn how to do what this guy just did.  So I pestered my father to ask Cliff if I could work for him. He drove back down to his sign shop to talk to him.  Cliff told my father he didn’t really need any help, but directed me to ask another sign painter he knew.  So I did.  This guy said yes.  His name is Leif Syvertsen.  Leif’s shop was the starting point to this wild ride that I’m still sticking quarters in to this day.

Looking back at it now, I was probably a complete pain in the ass.  I have had a few apprentices at my shop, through a local school program, and I keep asking myself - “How the hell did he deal with me back then?”.  Well, he did … and I thank him for that.

I worked under Leif for about 4 years.  He taught me a lot about layout and design … about stuff he may not have even known he was teaching me.  Techniques and skills, things he probably didn’t give a second thought to, were soaking into my brain in the same manner that a puddle soaks into a sponge.  When I would leave his shop for the night, I would go home and practice hand lettering on everything in my parents basement.  I had ordered some lettering supplies from a catalog, and I was determined to paint every damn thing I could get my hands on.  After about a year or so working for him, I asked if we could paint my car.  A 1981 Honda Civic, with about 300,000 miles on it.  He agreed, and helped me prep the beast and paint it……….process blue.  I believe it was Centari single stage enamel.  I knew absolute dick about automotive refinishing back then, so I was glad he jumped in and helped squirt the thing.  So … now I have a bright ass blue car.  In my head, I’m thinking - “too much blue … I need to add something to it so it’s not so … blue”.  I have access to a sign shop with an unlimited array of colorful vinyl to make some graphics … what colors do I pick?  LIME GREEN and HOT PINK.  Hey, it was still the 80’s…..gimme a break.  So now I have a bright ass, blue car, with hot pink geometric shapes and lime green accents … perfect!  What next?  I opted to test drive my new brushes on the hood, by painting a cartoon kid with his finger jammed up his nose.That’s what I’m talkin’ about!  I was the coolest…


Fast forward another year or so, and another “moment” happened that has had a lasting relationship with me … the name “Nub”.  The question that I get asked the most is “where did you get that name?”.  Ok … here’s the official answer.  I’ve made up so many different stories over the years … but here’s the truth … the boring truth.  I was watching Saturday Night Live one night. The skit “Buckwheat Sings” with Eddie Murphy was on.  He was singing a bunch of different songs … all of which were being spelled out incorrectly on the screen, exactly the way he was singing them.  He busted out “looking for love in all the wrong places” and I laughed my ass off.  I now knew my inconspicuously cool car needed one more addition.  Done in petite 8 inch tall lettering, “WOOKIN PA NUB” was now emblazoned across my rear window.  What the hell was I thinking? People just started calling me Nub.  It was kind of comical, and I thought maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to have a name that was easily remembered … especially if I opened my own shop.  So that is exactly what I did.

The original business name was Nub Designs … though shortly after I decided to swap the “designs” for “grafix” … it just sounded cooler.  You have to be cool right?  Remember, my car was the epitome of cool.  The next 25 years, 4 shops, lifelong friendships, hardships, learning, being filmed painting bikes almost every day for 10 years, 5 dogs, 4 cats, an unexpected raccoon, moving into my dream shop and getting married to my beautiful wife has been an unbelievable ride crammed with madness and loads of fun.

I’ve met a lot of people through the course of the last 2 decades that have shaped who I am, what I do and where I’m going.  A list far too long to write here. I hope you all know who you are. I sometimes wonder if something I paint will have the same lasting effect on someone, that Cliff’s truck lettering has had on me.  I look forward to another 25 years of doing what I love to do … bringing my customer’s and friend’s visions to life … and feeling like that 15 year old kid standing in the driveway.

GuitarLONub-painted guitar.Steve's Tins painted by Nub


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Blast from the Past: How to Airbrush License Plates by Cass Fuller.

The following article was published in the March-April 1988 issue of Airbrush Action magazine.

The airbrushed license plate has long been a favorite product of mine. It always seems to sell itself. I couldn’t begin to count how many I have painted in my time. Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5 Step6 Step7 Step8 Like the personalized T-shirt, they appeal to the customer’s ego. When a customer shops for one, he wants the best. A plate that will sell itself requires a good composition, contrasting colors, and most important, a high-gloss finish. Accomplishing these things takes a lot of practice and experimentation. I have tried many methods and have compiled what I feel are the best. So in response to letters from our readers, here’s my approach to creating a great-looking license plate. The first step in painting a license plate is to have a clean airbrush. A marketable plate must be flawless so your airbrush should be free of all lubricants and dirt. This will help you avoid a horrible problem known as fisheyeing, which is when lubricant is invisibly

blown out onto the plate surface. As we all know, oil repels water. So when a water-based paint is used, the spots of oil repel the paint, resulting in a pattern that resembles fish eyes.

When cleaning your airbrush, be sure to use solvent such as window cleaner or dishwashing detergent to break down the oil. If heavy lubricants such as fishing reel oil or any other long-term lubricants have been used, a thorough cleaning must be undertaken. Looks can be deceiving, so check care-fully to make sure that no lubricants still linger in the airbrush. Sometimes this may take two or three cleanings.

Another form of oil contamination comes from compressed air that is not properly filtered. This may be corrected by cleaning the moisture trap, draining the holding tank, or replacing old or dirty  moisture trap filters.

Priming the Plate

Opinions differ as to which type of plate surface is best to paint on. Some artists prefer to use flat white plates, while others prefer a gloss white plate. I have observed that using the gloss enamel plates will create a higher-gloss finish. To prepare the plate for painting use Scotch Brite sanding pads instead of sandpaper. Sandpaper tends to cut tiny grooves into the enamel surface that will show up in the final finish. Start the sanding in a circular motion until the gloss on the plate is no longer visible. This process creates a tooth that will make the paint adhere to the plate. After sanding, clean the plate with soapy water or window cleaner to eliminate any dust or oil.

Painting Process 

Now that we are ready for painting, I would like to share some thoughts about style. Every artist has his own. Creating your own style is what makes you stand apart from others. So be creative and experiment to find what’s best for you.

The scene that I have chosen to paint will demonstrate simple placement techniques that must be observed. In preparation for a new scene, I go through my reference file and find several photos of sunsets, beaches, and any other outdoor scenes that interest me. I then mentally piece together a scene.

I have chosen to use Aqua Flow  textile paint. It seems to bond to the plate  surface better.

Starting with blue, I paint the crest of  the wave about one-third of the way from cleaner or dish washing detergent to the top of the plate. This will leave enough room for any lettering that may  be added. Then I fill in the rest of the  wave, keeping the bottom portion of the  wave the darkest and gradually getting  lighter toward the top. This gives the  wave the illusion of depth. Some darker  splotches are added to the breaking portion of the wave. The water in the fore-  ground is added by using horizontal lines of different sizes.

Next comes the sky. A light mist of blue and long misty horizontal clouds are added at the top of the plate. Experiment with the placement of the clouds for greatest depth. Since these clouds are  closer to you, they will be higher up on  the plate.

At this point I select where the placement of the sun will be so that I can effectively place the clouds around the light source. To accomplish this, I put a light mist of pink around where the sun will be. Don’t over do it; leave a white space where the sun is. A light yellow mist is then laid down over the section closest to the sun. Layering the colors creates a smooth transition of color.

I usually run the horizon clouds up next to the top of the wave. Due to the limited amount of space, I’ve chosen to delete the background water to make more room for lettering. I use a violet for the horizon clouds. Keeping in mind the light source, I paint around the sun, somewhat framing the sun with the clouds. Don’t overdo it here. The key to this step is to keep it clean and simple.

To give the illusion of greater depth, I’ve added pink to the bottom of the long horizontal clouds at the top of the plate.

White has always been the most magical of all the colors. It seems to bring a beach scene to life.

I start with the white in the break of the wave and along the crest of the wave. For the breaking portion of the wave, I paint different-sized splotches of white, giving it a crashing effect. A light mist of white can be added above the crest of the wave, for mist being blown back.

Next the sun is added. Along with the sun, I rim-light the clouds closest to the sun with a fine white line. Notice that the clouds farthest away from the sun are mistier. A reflection of the sun is added to the water in the foreground.

Black is the final color to work with. Sea oats or palm trees may be added to frame the scene off. Again, don’t overdo it. Too many sea oats or palm trees can interfere with lettering.

The final and most crucial step is the gloss coat. Through many trials and errors I have perfected a high-gloss finish using K-mart clear enamel. It is inexpensive and very effective. Note that not all clear enamels are alike. Chemical make- up differs from product to product.

Make sure that the plate is dry and free of dust or lint. Any dust or lint will create a small bump in the final finish.

I apply a very light coat of enamel first. This helps to get an even second coat. (Note this coat should appear flat and not glossy.) Let the first coat dry. The second coat is tricky. I apply the second coat very thick or until a high gloss appears. This should be the way the plate will look when it is thoroughly dry.

Now the plate is ready for baking. I place the plate under the heat press at 350 degrees until dry. Once dry, it may take up to a week for the enamel to harden.

If a heat press is unavailable, a kitchen oven will do. The oven door must be kept open or the paint will discolor due to overheating. When using an oven, watch carefully for discoloring.

Once it’s dry, the plate may be dis- played and sold. If a customer wants a name added to the plate, you can sand off some to the gloss finish, add the name, and repeat the finishing process over it.


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Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to talk LIVE with special guest artist ROB CHURCHILL and Createx’s MARK HEBBELER, TONIGHT, 7 pm. Eastern Standard Time with hosts Cliff Stieglitz, publisher of Airbrush Action Magazine, and Chris Johnson. Ask questions, learn tons, have fun! 

CALL-IN NUMBER: (732) 582-4774 
MEETING LINK:http://new.livestream.com/accounts/9959295/events/3649308
DATE & TIME: Thursday. Dec 11, 2014 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST 
US Call-In Toll Number: (732) 582-4774

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WHEN: Today, Thursday, September 25  


TIME: 2pm to 3pm EST.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Javier Soto and Jonathan Pantaleon, two of the world’s best custom painters/airbrush masters.


Topics will cover all facets of airbrushing, including:
• New opportunities that are available for artists
• Hot new trends in custom painting
• Things you need to know about airbrush control
• The NEW AutoBorne paint preview with Chris Johnson
• Jonathan Pantaleon’s transition from airbrushing to tattooing
• The importance of pinstriping and how it can enhance your work
• How important is freehand airbrushing?
• And anything you care to ask!

Mr. Pantaleon, one of the world's leading custom airbrush artists, will teach Automotive Murals on Steel at the Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, Oct 6-10 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel.

Mr. Pantaleon, one of the world’s leading custom airbrush artists, will teach Automotive Murals on Steel at the Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, Oct 6-10 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel.

Javier Soto, one of the world's leading custom airbrush artists, will teach POWER PORTRAITS at the Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, Oct 6-10 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel.

Javier Soto, one of the world’s leading custom airbrush artists, will teach POWER PORTRAITS at the Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, Oct 6-10 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel.


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Airbrush Action Publisher Cliff Stieglitz Attends Private Conference with Two Finance Legends

Airbrush Action Magazine publisher Cliff Stieglitz, right, attended an exclusive business conference last night with TV’s Mad Money star Jim Cramer, center, and billionaire Lee Cooperman, CEO of Omega Advisors, Inc. “Conducted in an intimate setting at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Cramer and Cooperman shared their views on the current U.S and foreign stock market climate, with both confirming their confidence that stocks are the “best game in town” for investingCliff Stieglitz, far right, with billionaire Lee Cooperman, far left, and Mad Money's Jim Cramer.. It was an honor to meet and converse with two amazing minds of finance.”



Maryellen Vettori's Tank Blank painted at the Airbrush Getaway Workshops

The Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, Oct 6-10 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel, offers 21 all hands-on airbrush courses for beginning to advanced artists or enthusiasts.

The Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, Oct 6-10 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel, offers 21 all hands-on airbrush courses for beginning to advanced artists or enthusiasts.

The Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, Oct 6-10 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel, offers 21 all hands-on airbrush courses for beginning to advanced artists or enthusiasts.

The project below was completed by Maryellen Vettori, 6-Time Airbrush Getaway Alumnus, on a TROL’S CUSTOMS tank blank in Rob Churchill’s STENCILS 101 1-day hands-on course.

According to Vettori, “The value of attending multiple Airbrush Getaways is that each artist you learn from has a different way of doing things, which always leads to the proverbial and exciting “Aha!” moment. I have benefited from every single Airbrush Getaway. Airbrushing is never boring. I have goals I want to accomplish, and with Airbrush Action and the Airbrush Getaways, I am well on my way to achieving them!”

“My first Airbrush Getaway experience was with the great Terry Hill. I absolutely fell in love with the airbrush and Terry’s enthusiasm and love of the industry. It was the perfect place to start. Airbrushing is difficult to master, and it is so satisfying when I can see a project progress. This upcoming Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway will be my 6th, and I feel so blessed to have befriended my instructors and fellow students.”

“I take something away from every Airbrush Getaway . . . There are so many tips and tricks that help when you think there is nothing you can do because you’ve taken the piece too far to fix. If you can master troubleshooting, you can pull off any project. Learning what NOT to do is as important as learning what to do.”

The Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway will take place Oct 6-10 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel. For more information, call 800-876-2472 or 732-233-7878 OR GO TO http://www.airbrushaction.com/airbrush-getaway-workshops. 21 HANDS-ON COURSES OFFERED.

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