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Brush Trimming Tips for Pinstriping


step 1

All professional pinstripers trim their brushes to achieve maximum performance. Without trimming the straggler hairs from the tip—and sometimes hair from the belly—of a brush, you’ll experience unwanted “scratch lines” and the inability to achieve a fine point, among other things. Chris Mack, of Mack Brush Company, agrees, but cautions that “cutting too much off the tip, a common mistake, will butcher the brush. And, although most every pro striper has his or her way of trimming a brush, the concept behind trimming the tip is basically the same.”

step 2

I generally trim two parts of the brush: the tip and/or the belly, depending upon the performance I’m after.

Trimming To Achieve TighT corners

step 3

I trim the belly hairs to make the brush more user friendly in executing tight turns. Otherwise, a full belly of hair can get in the way. However, you’ll need all the belly hair for pulling long straight lines.

UniversAl Trimming

step 4

Before using a brand new brush, I strongly recommend that you remove the overextending or straggling hairs at the tip. Beginners tend to cut off too much, which ruins the brush. Over-cutting renders a blunt, and unwanted, tip. A sharp, pointed tip is what you’re after.

step 5

Often, new brushes come somewhat starched from the manufacturer. Mack Brush Company, for example, uses sugar water to preserve a brush’s hair during shipping. This treatment must be removed with paint thinner or mineral spirits before use. After dipping the brush into thinner, use a rag to further remove chemicals and excess moisture.

step 6

Next, re-dip the brush into thinner or brush oil, shape your brush hairs to a tip, and then trim those pesky protruding straggler hairs.

step 7

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