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How to Render Stone By Various Artists


 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF   Many artists feel that stippling shades of either warm or cool grays at varied pressures is the secret to illustrating realistic-looking stone textures. Louisiana artist Pat Reynolds feels that the more colors he uses, the more realistic hi s granite will look. He will stipple in as many as […]

Home Improvement-Hardwood Floor Stenciling by Sheri Hoeger


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF I became interested in airbrushing when i worked a s a manicurist for several years. I had done some hand-painted nail art during that time. and airbrushing fingernails was just gaining attention when I left that profession. When I later began wall stenciling as a part-time business, I began […]

Painting a Model Boat with Auto AIr


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF I wanted to do a fairly simple step-by-step to demonstrate the use of Auto-Air colors on a model boat. I field a lot of questions about Auto-Air, and yes, it does work! However, a bit of patience is necessary because most people expect the colors to work just like […]

Airbrushing Cosmetics

contour_ airbrushing cosmetics

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF FILE By borrowing airbrush techniques from illustrators and photo retouchers and employing revolutionary water- based cosmetics, makeup artists have discovered the potential for limitless creations. No longer categorized solely as a tool for the graphic arts industry, today airbrushes are found in the trained hands of professional cosmetologists, cosmeticians, and […]

Intense Brights On Dark Fabrics By Shen


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF Have you ever tried desperately to make a vivid white show up on a dark shirt, jacket, or other cotton/poly garment only to have the paint soak into the fabric and practically disappear? For several years, this frustrating phenomenon forced me to refuse orders from customers who wanted work done […]

Patriotic Pinstripes By John Hannukaine


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF AT THE AGE OF 13, JOHN HANNUKAINE DISCOVERED THE PINSTRIPING ART OF JACK PUDLINER WHILE vacationing with his aunt and uncle in Redding. At about the same time he saw Ed Roth’s airbrushed shirt work in an issue of Car Craft magazine, and instantly became infatuated with the weirdo […]

Michael Cacy: Reflections of Sunlight in Water


Here’s a technique that may add some life to your underwater subjects. Sunlight plays some incredible tricks when viewed from beneath the surface. Whenever possible, I prefer to paint from reference I have procured on my own. That is, I like to paint from photos that I have taken myself. While I live on a […]

Mastering Diamond Plate


DOWNLOAD PDF FILE “Everything you wanted to know about your new stencils,…but were afraid I to ask.” For the uninitiated, this column instructs on the use and techniques of all stencils in the innovative Artool line, from ullmasters to FX to FlameA-Rama, and anything else we have laser cut out of plastic. In the previous […]

Las Vegas Viper Hood Mural


DOWNLOAD FILE HERE About once a year, all of the Viper owners, executives, and special and project designers from Daimler 9 Chrysler get together for a Viper party. What they celebrate is probably one of the biggest phenomenon’s 3 of car ownership bonding known to mankind. If you remember, about two years ago, Bob Soroka […]

Joey’s Passion


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PDF Painting a boat like Joe Buttafuco’s race boat is a cross between fine art and autobody work. This 36-foot B-class race boat was painted and cleared within 4 day’s time. The final product came out great and generated a lot of new business. In this article, I describe exactly how it […]